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Our visitors can contact us mainly via Email or SMS messaging. But after keep appointment, you can chat with us via GoogleTalk or Facebook. Also anyone can't call us, unless we say you to do like that way. Visitors can contact with our web team members belonging on following reasons :  
  • Astrology services requesting - Paid Astrology Service (PAS).
  • Advertise your websites or creations around world wide.
  • Inform details about your real life experience with gods.
  • Submit URLs of your new websites for our search engine.
  • Update or remove current website's details in our search engine.
  • Develop your website from Lanka Wisdom. (Up to 20 WebPages + 2 Forms + 1 Slideshow)
  • Suggestions, comments & ccomplains about our web site.
  • Make donations for maintaining our website.

Here are our contacting ways :

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