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        NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) is new technology used in modern practical psychology for alter power of the human mind to achieve personal success. In 70th century two American scientists (Richard Bandler and John Grinder under the anthropologist, social scientist, linguist and cyberneticist Gregory Bateson, at the University of California) found out this modern observation. Then lot of personal development researchers improve these techniques into different sub sections called as Seishindo, 5S, Somatic Communication, Synergy, Synergy PLUS, Silva Ultra Mind, etc. Today NLP is powered by Indian classical Yoga, Parapsychology, Buddhism and Quantum Physics. Basic concept of the NLP is stimulating neuron cells in the brain via doing programming to mind or converting negative neuron pattern into positive neuron pattern via five senses (i.e. eye, nose, ear, skin tension & thinking). From these mental converting, negative human behaviors can be changed into positive behaviors. So we give some guide lines of the NLP for Lanka Wisdom visitors which can be used to improve their personal life. Here we discuss some very simple & practical activities which you can use in your daily life for achieve your personal goals.
Following simple ten rules tell how is our mind functioning naturally :
  • Mind can be controlled, guided & used for creativity.
  • Without self-control, mind can be destroyed owner self & automatically goes toward criminal actions.
  • Mind influences to every subatomic realms in internal and external living beings & physical objects.
  • Only thought are important than anything, so our physical body is just medium to mind.
  • Very important activities are firstly created inside the mind of any particular person.
  • Every thoughts which are created inside our mind are not true or correct.
  • There have beings in universe whose have only mind with energy bodies.
  • After die, consciousness jump into other life as concept of reincarnation in Buddhism. 
  • There have war inside our mind between justification of good and bad actions.
  • In every moments mind creates new energy packets which save in the universe called as karma.

Seven sections in personal life which want to be balanced & continually maintained,

  • Family Life - Happy relationship & pure love increase your mind power, so it will give extra energy.
  • Health - This is treasure for any living being on earth, without good health any goal can't be achieved.
  • Life long education - Learning is not limited on certifications, age, time, job or any social state.
  • Economic independences - Save money & reduce expenses is important, it gives relaxation to mind.
  • Emotional Controlling - Some emotions are wanted rather than reduce, some are wanted to stop totally.
  • Religious activities - Your religion help you to get more relaxation & calm within daily life.
  • Social life - Even friends & relations are needed, you want to keep wisely limitation with every bonds.
  Super Healthy  [ Top ]
  • Super Healthy is idea for staying without serious diseases such as diabetics, high blood pressure, cancer, virus inflections, phlegm, accidents, stress, tension, etc...
  • Mainly via controlling foods & sleeping, keeping mind with relaxation, we can achieve super healthy concepts. Here we are not mention that we can stay 100% super healthy, but we can close to that states.
  • So we are going to discuss some concepts for attain super healthy & how we keep that state forever…
  • Remember that what you eat reason to what you be, its affect to mental side & physical side. Take well balanced nutritious meals including fresh fruits, green leaves and vegetables.    
  • Drink water as you like, it keep you fresh. If you don't like pure water then drink milk or fruit juice without added much sugar. Fruit juice is very good for made our mind fresh & increase concentration.
  • Eat easily digesting meals in break first because as soon as we wake up in morning, our body just starts its complex chemical reactions. Eat good wholesome meal in lunch & take simple meal in night. Because while sleeping our bio systems are starting to relax. Use to take little nap after 30minute from lunch.
  • Use to eat fruits & vegetables without cook or boiled. Reduce added sugar, sweet stuff, cola drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol solutions. As soon as you eat don't do any mental or physical exercises. Drink herbal leaves with boiling water even once a week.
  • Remember this formula - Sleep with Sun & Wake up with Sun - Whatever job you did or do, get wholesome uninterrupted sleep about minimum eight hours. Because without good sleep, loosed sleeping time collects as "sleeping loan", which can destroy you at important moments such as exams. Also remove sleeping loans via sleeping longtime and settle these loans.
  • Beware of bathing with cool water at the night time or cool days. It is good to use little hot water which stimulates your neuron cells, and then it gives good relaxation too. Best time for bathing is 10AM to 3PM.
  • If there have physical & mental sicknesses like Drowsiness, Ophthalmia, Catarrh, etc, take medical treatments from qualified doctors, and don’t use sleeping tablets or memory increasing drugs.
  • Do little exercises such as yoga, walking, cycling, running, etc. Do breathing exercises as meditation or pranayama yogic breathing. Learn Deep Muscle Relation exercises from good counselor. 
  • Read Ayurvedic (herbal medicine) books & discusses ancient knowledge about health. Sometime your grandmother knows Super Healthy Tips more than your family doctor!
  • Don't watch highly adventures & sexual stimulated TV programs, films, books & dramas before your sleep & as soon as you wake up. At morning time read religious books instead of news papers.
  • Prepare Auto-Suggestion relate to your physical & mental health. Do listen to relaxation music...

Become Vegetarian?
     Anyone can't tell become vegetarian is good or bad. Only can say as it is a good habit. Cause people have own idea about become vegetarian. Some are eating only seeds, vegetables and fruits. Other take milk but stop fish, meat and eggs. Some people reduce meat, fish & eggs at some level. However it is good you eat grams, peas, green leaves, daal, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Dairy products such as yogurts, curd, cheese, etc are important to healthy life. Soya milk and Soya meals also want to take by vegetarian people. To become vegetarian we need big courage, because we attract to take meat, fish or eggs since our birth day. Normally vegetarians are used to consume chocolates, ice creams & other sweet meals or soft drinks, this may help to increase amount of sugar level, so this Red Fact want to be remembered by every people. Instead of artificial soft drinks or cola drinks you can use vegan soups & herbal drinks. Also we want to reduce tea & coffee because those drinks are interrupting our digesting systems. If you used to tea or coffee add some milk with it. Every vegetarian need to read books or articles relate to nutritional value of our daily foods.

  Color Theory  [ Top ]
  • Colors are very important to stimulated cells of brain. Some colors are identified as stimulators for our daily activities such as education, earn money, cure sicknesses, etc.
  • Green color is important for stimulating brain cells towards earning & saving money.
  • Brown, Yellow & Orange are greatly important with education, religious activities & calm our mind.
  • Blue is stimulating brain cells towards achieve personal hopes & goals in life.
  • Violet makes fresh our mind & reduces tensions, stresses or phobias.
  • Red is identified as help for cure diseases & improve our immune system.
  • White is clearing your mind from confusion, problems & sadness.
  • Purple is increasing our social bond with society. Pink is used for improve personal relationships.
  • However Black is creating confusion, sadness & stress inside our mind.
  • So you can use these colors in particular places in your house, as example you can grow garden with green leaves so which help to stimulate your brain toward catch opportunities for money making while student can use yellow, orange or brown colored table cloth when they are studying.
  • When you choose desktop pictures for your computer or mobile phones, selected colors which are your mind stimulating into freshness.

Color Theory

  Auto Suggestions  [ Top ]
  • Auto suggestions are main & traditional NLP technique which is used to talk with our lower mind. According to NLP mind is divided into three part as conscious mind, unconscious mind & subconscious mind. NLP accepts reincarnation so all our daily activities & thoughts are stored in karmic realm can rake via subconscious mind. But unconscious mind help to communicate between conscious mind & subconscious mind.
  • For our easiness both of unconscious mind & subconscious mind are called as lower mind.
  • We can test our lower mind & its power. If you think as “Tomorrow I wake up at 5am." (That you want to wake up morning in particular time) before 30 seconds your sleeping. You can wake up on time without set alarm. 
  • Also our other personal goals can be informed to our lower mind. This is called Auto Suggesting.
  • Auto suggestion is done by using eye & mouth. If you need something you can write down it in short sentence & you want to read it before sleep & after wake up. In other times you can read it loudly. This is simple an Auto Suggesting. But for advance results following rules need to be considering in Auto Suggestions.
  • Write down in short sentence & in present tenses NOT in past tenses, future tenses or as hopes. If you can put expected date & all details (place, color, taste, etc) about your goals, it will increase incomes.
  • You can use note books or card as writing media, but it should be your hand writing, NOT printed format.
  • If you can, stick relevant picture about your goals near your sentences.
  • Don't show or tell anyone about your auto suggestions. If you do so its power of achieving will be late. This is scientifically proven thing, so keep this rule in your mind.
  • You can use Auto Suggestions for improve your education, earning money, find a job, etc....
  • Also you need good character for achieve your goals via Auto Suggestions (Actually via your mind power).
  • If you are doubt about your goal don't write it as Auto Suggestions. Our mind has instinct for grabbing right things and refusing unwanted things. It can see our future and karmic incomes.
  • You can use Auto Suggestion for remove your negative habits such as smoking. But you want to write it as now you are already removed that bad habits.
  • Also after your goal was achieved via Auto Suggestion, you need to give thanks for your lower mind with some treatments such as eat what you liked meals or buy book related to mind power.
  • Example Auto Suggestion : "Before the 2xxx year end of May, I will attain my own home with two bed rooms, nice kitchen & tiles floors. I will work hard for my own house”. Here is an example of good Auto suggestion was used by most of success people. 

Auto Suggestion

  Relaxation Music & Mental Visualization  [ Top ]
  • Alpha level is state of our mind, which we can feel our lower mind. Normally our brain patterns stay in beta level when we do daily works. When we are in deep sleeping, we goes from beta level into alpha level & beyond that. In this alpha level our mind is so calm & relax. We can reduce our tension & negative hormones in this level. Thus relaxation music helps to achieve super health.
  • Also we can do Auto Suggestions & Mental Visualizations in this level. Scientific researches shows that if we think our goals in alpha level, we can achieve our goals easily. Our lower mind gets powered in alpha level, so can use this state to tell our life goals.
  • Beta level (β), Alpha level (α), Theta level (θ) & Delta level (Δ) can be measured via EEG instrument which is used for analyze brain operations in medical centers. Theta level & Delta level are occurring in far most deep relaxation in mind which can be attained via hypnotizing therapy.
  • Relaxation music used to go into alpha level. Meanwhile listen relaxation music, we gradually go into alpha level. So we want to know what are these relaxation music & how we identify those.
  • Relaxation music must use two or three musical instruments only.
  • This music is noiseless, continually spread up from 20 minutes to 30 minutes. You should not interrupted while listen to these music. As soon as music stop, you want to see photo which is make you happy. 
  • Indian Classical music can be used as great relaxation music so called as Ragas and Divine Chants. 
  • Relaxation music don't use human voices, so only use natural & traditional musical instruments such as water flowing, bird’s noises, piano, flute, violin, soft drums & low noise instruments.
  • Indian relaxation music use some human voices such as mantras which are considered as best relaxation music.
  • As western relaxation music, we can use symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, etc... 
  • Buddhist people can use parittas and verses.
  • Only you need to lie on soft bed then listen music tracks via CD player or other players. It is good you use stereo headphones rather than normal speakers. If you have MP3 player or multimedia mobile phone you can use them when you are sitting in comfortable chair.
  • While you do relaxation music exercises, you can imagine that now you are achieved your goals now itself, you want to feel your happy & courage you were attained when your life goals is achieved. Also you can combine places, smells, tastes, sound, etc, which are related to your life goal. This process is called as Mental Visualizations. This is very powerful tool for our success.
  • By doing Mental Visualizations with Auto Suggestion you can achieve your targets in short period of time.
  • Via relaxation music, you can contact with other energy beings like gods.

Alpha Level

  Positive Thinking  [ Top ]

  • We have physical body & energy body. Physical body is maintained from foods while energy body is maintained from Chakra or Energy Centers in astral body. There have mainly seven chakras in different places in body. Our body & mind is powered by these seven chakras. For keep fit our physical body (from diseases & negative hormones), firstly it is needed to keep positive thinking patterns. 
  • If you think negative way your chakra become week. But if you can think as positive & fresh way you can achieve ultimate mind power which is more enough for gain all of your life goals. So here we give some ways that how you can maintain positive thinking way. Also these ideas can be used in your Auto Suggestions.
  • Read books about religious, psychological & positive thinking.
  • Understand what you can do, also what you can't do when comparing with your skills, talents and resources.
  • Understand inborn skills & inborn weaknesses.
  • Understand that you can make mistakes, especially when you do task in first time. It is normal thing. It is not your fault. Other people don't have right to blame you in such cases.
  • You have right to say I don't know or I can't do. But you want to be honest to yourself.
  • You have right to ask some thing from someone.
  • You have right to love someone & also get love from others.
  • Others don't have right to destroy your life goals, so you can neglect other’s negative behaviors.
  • You can courage others by using words & helping them. Also it is your right & responsibility.
  • You can plan your future as your likenesses, with consulting your family members & past karma.
  • Our brain has two sides. Right side is help to doing creations, fantasy, music, arts, etc. while left side is helping to do logical thinking , mathematics, sciences, grammar, etc. So you can make your character positive way by using both side of brain. When you do meditation, you can use both side of brain in same time. Also when you listen to relaxation music, your brain use function of both side. When you use your both side of brain, your mind power will develop. 
  • If you respect to particular god or group of deities, offer flowers, light lamp/candles & light incense stick to them everyday. Ask helps from them via your mind for success your life. 

Positive Thinking


  Become a Good Learner [ Top ]

  • From this concept, NLP introduces how we learn new things without wasting time & without apply more mental or physical stamina. For leaning fast we need to keep good concentration. We want to use left & right side of brain for achieve best results from education. More than pass exam and take a certificate, education is a perfection which practice our mind to think and become wise. And do service to mankind from our knowledge. 
  • Below guide lines will help you to increase your learning speed.
  • Keep your learning room & table clean. Use pleasant light & room color. Light bulb must be placed in 3 meter away from opposite to your writing hand side.
  • Understand your most liked subjects & keep books related those subjects in your book rack. Your book rack must be place near your eye sight. Also hang posters related to your most respected people, scientist or great person on your life, educational materials in front of your table & your bed.
  • Don't keep any book on your table. Put all books on your book rack or other separate place. But you can keep computer, calculator & some little stationary inside stationary holder on your table.
  • Keep your education functions under time tables. Put most difficult subjects in first time periods, which you don’t like to learn. Also divide learning periods into maximum 30 minutes then take some break. Use sometime for your hobbies, sports & entertainments. Try to study 2 hours per day.
  • Use relaxation music, when you reading books & solve math problems.
  • Try to use computer or calculators with your education. These instruments are not destroy your memory but they help to increase functionary of your left side of the brain. 
  • If you are art student do some hobbies related to Chess, solve math problems, learning some technical subject or new languages apart from your normal study areas.
  • Read books & magazines. Read novels. If you are learning science or math, try to learn any musical instruments, listen to songs or watch good films or TV programs.
  • Take life as serious; don't live in fantasy world when you are learning. If you are staying with love life or family life, use those things as support factor to education. Discuss & exchange ideas with your life partner.
  • Always divide large study loads into little segments. As example if you happen to read or remember 6 chapters from books with two days, you can divide one chapter for one hour, and then three hours per one day - so this way you can easily finish your load within two days without working hard.
  • Hang your educational achievements such as certificates on your room. It will give you motivation for doing success in future studies.
  • Read psychological books related to learning secrets. Use memory maps when you study. You can make song for remember some names, make story for remember tables, etc...
  • Use center of white sheets for write something. When you happen to remember some graphs, write it on center of white sheets then see it in free times. Don't forgot, if you see something long time everyday, it will automatically remembered such as we remember our close one's phone numbers.
  • Some people learn from seeing, some are learn via listening but others are learning from hand working. Try to find out your learning methods then use it rather than other ways. Also use multimedia education materials with help of computer when you are learning. Use yourself to explore Encyclopedia or Dictionary.
  • Analyses your experience with your past learning mistakes. Best ways to learn is analyze mistakes happened in your own past years. Try to understand yourself. 
  • So use these guide lined to be a best and fast learner. Take education as easy task. It is Hobby.

Memory Map


  Simple Meditation & Mind Power  [ Top ]

  • NLP scientists were found by using quantum physics that light signal travel around the earth has frequency of 7.5Hz. (By using formula c=fλ, c is speed of light & λ is distance around the earth).
  • But also when we are staying in Alpha level such as in -  mediation, relaxation music, Mother Nature or certain temples, shrines - then our EEG brain frequency also so close to 7.5Hz.
  • So this concept proves that we can get what we hoped things easily if we are at alpha level or in mediation.
  • However you can practice simple meditation called as "Meditation of All Wealth". This will help you to gain lot of money, treasure, happy & calm into your life.
  • Meditation helps to link us with universe and other energy beings.
  • Firstly stay in silence place. Close your eyes then think like this way. This meditation has circular thinking method.  So start like this :
  • Every being may stay in good health!
  • Every being may gain money, house, relations & other physical things!
  • Every being may stay with brave & relax mind!
  • Every being may observe virtuous precepts in their life!
  • Every being may achieve their life goals easily!
  • Every being may have happy & lovely family life!
  • Every being may achieve their spiritual goals!
  • Every being in universe may stay in Happy, Calm & Freedom!
  • This is the end of this mediation, so you can do one cycle or increase cycles per daily basis.
  • Then you will feel great happy and then after six month of period you will see great physically & mentally difference happened in your life!
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