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  Team Working - Concepts & Theories

       Team is an energetic group of people, who work together for achieve particular goal & wish high results than working alone. All team members are, motivating each other, combining their skills, improving their creativity & developing efficiency via effective participation. As an example, two couple married are can consider as basic team. People who build software also work as team, like designers are creating user interfaces, software engineers are doing calculations, preparing concepts, developers are doing programming, marketing members can do field researching and trainers do fault finding, while system administrators are managing all works.
There are eight factors involved in build effective team :
  • Team must have clear goals, which can write down in paper
  • Resources can be used to gather each other such as room, chair, table, etc...
  • Team is controlled by simple rules & leaderships
  • Each members must have good communication skills even via email, chatting or sms
  • All team works must reassessment by leaders in particular time periods called as group meetings
  • After small time periods such as one week, all team members must gain measurable results
  • Every once after reassessment, members must renew their environments or roles
  • Every members must have good understandings each other about other member's skills 

Team members are individually effecting to success their team with good communication skills such as writing reports, orally talking by phone calling, sending sms or emails. All teams have leadership, who is doing planning, organizing, decision making & motivate his members. Some team have two or more leaders. Analytical thinking & improving own skill are main responsibilities for other team members. All team members must have clearly defined roles. One member must write down all decision were made in group meetings. All member participate their team via physically or via electronics media. 

Good Team must have following performances :

  • Very small number of members related to one task
  • All members have good skills in their roles  
    eg.. some can talk every well, but some have technical skills
  • Equally committed to a common purpose or goal
  • Working approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable
  • Deeply committed to one's another personals
  • Gaining success in daily & grow reputation among team
  • Methodology for handling facilities
  • Face tensions comes from outside & own weak points
  • Clear organizational charts for all members & their tasks
  • Collecting feedback from outside & inside people
  • Respects to internal rules & common human qualities
  • Awareness of group process till finish main goals

Always Remember formula Of TEAM = Together Everyone Achieve More ...

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