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Organic Search Engine Optimization

93% of all online experiences start with SEO

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Following tips will help you for create your Website more Search Engine Friendly

  • 95% of Internet users use Google as their main search engine. However always remember that other all search engines get more than one million visitors per month. Therefore submit your URL to all search engines. Yahoo search is now powered by Bing. So Yahoo don't accepts URL submissions. Yahoo is just likes as a skin for Bing.
  • Yandex and Qwant are rapidly popular in European countries, which now runs their own international version. Baidu is a popular Chinese search engine. Meta search engines like DogPile give results through combining results from these major search engines. 
  • When your site is updated, submit its site map to Bing & Google. Check if there have broken links, if so make fix those very soon. Because spiders stop crawling when they found broken link. Use their web master tools.
  • Avoid use links farms (lot of links in index page) or hidden texts (text with same background color).
  • New search engines try to collect websites, so if you submit your sites into them, they give first place to you in their search results. So find about new search engines...
  • Contents of your web pages are key to every search engines. Therefore try to give correct & related information which agree with title of the web page. Words emphasize in Bold or Strong tags are taking consideration by robots.
  • Some search engines consider <H1..H3>  tags in HTML/XHTML.
  • Try to use major keywords in your web pages without grammar errors or uncanny mistakes.
  • Remember search engines spiders can read only text & HTML tags. NOT flash animations, images, session IDs in PHP & other codes used in client side programming. If you use these multimedia objects, comment them by using ALT tags or other ways in HTML/XHTML.
  • Use Meta tags correctly. Meta tag information such as "description", "keywords", "title" are collected by major search engines for their databases. However now most of major search engines neglect keyword tag as spamming, so if you use keyword tags then use only three keyword or less than 15 keywords.
  • Don't use intro, entering or welcoming page for your web site. These intro pages only good for use in world popular companies & celebrities websites. Robots can understand only texts and HTML/XHTML tags.
  • Use robot.txt wisely in small websites. (robot.text uses to telling spiders what pages want to skip or not indexed within website. Read robot.txt documents in each search engine.)
  • Create site map in top or bottom of your index or home page. So spiders can visit all pages without wasting time. Remember spiders skip your site if it found more than five broken links. So care about your all internal links.
  • Don't mislead spiders by using words with same background color or other ways. Modern spiders accomplish with artificial intelligence, so they can recognize all cheatings.
  • Link your site in other popular websites. Also you can submit your site into some of local and topic based web directories. Now Google & Bing neglect spamming links and links in low level web directories. This will reduce Page Rank. Curlie is former editors of DMoz were created top level web directory.
  • Try to use top level domain name with keywords related to site's name: Example www.sitename.com 
  • Many websites have two domain names such as "www.yoursite.com" and "yoursite.com", so search engines are indexing both as separate websites in many cases. Hence use Permanently Redirecting ".htaccess" file or server side scripting for direct your URL into one among two. This will increase page ranking in Meta Search Engines.
  • Test your site in every major browser. Some web directories reject your site if it is not visible in all aviable browsers.
  • Before submit your site into search engines read submit articles in Google, Yandex & Bing.
  • Google and major search engines consider duplicate elements in the web, if your site was built by using articles stolen from Wikipedia or from any other sites, robots can distinguish that articles were not from your own source. So search engines put your site's rank into lower marks. Hence write your own articles. Don't copy. If you copy, kind enough to mention from which URLs that you had taken those articles.
  • Your site's URL mentioned in blogs, social networking sites and forums (as posts) can be put your site into higher rank or lower rank under purpose of postings. You are in Face Book is great but it should not spamming. Social plug-ins, forum posts and blog posts are consider as spamming, if you had misused those.
  • Don't use SEO websites who claims that they submit your site into over 200 search engines. Those people collect your email addresses then used for spamming. Good thing is you find search engines your owner way and read their submit articles then submit by yourself.
  • As traffic generating facts, Web 2.0 content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, then Medium, Mix, Reddit and Quora play important roles in modern days.