Only way for escape from all sufferings

When Lord Buddha achieved omniscient wisdom, he found about: suffering, reason for suffering (lust, ill-will & ignorance), freedom from suffering (enlightening, nirvana or state of removed lust) and method of remove suffering which is called as eight noble path. These four findings are called as Four Noble Truths. Both Buddhist laic & Buddhist monks use this eight noble path for remove their lust to sansara or rebirth cycle. Here we discuss eight noble path. Fundamental Buddhism has three merit paths which are going on Precepts, Meditation & Wisdom. So this eight noble path is going along with these three merit paths as following table:

Path Noble Path Merit Path Path Noble Path Merit Path
 1 Right Knowledge Wisdom  5 Right Works Precepts
 2 Right Concepts Wisdom  6 Right Persistence Precepts
 3 Right Words Precepts  7 Right Concentration Meditation
 4 Right Actions Precepts  8 Right Samadhi Meditation

Right Wisdom

Here we want to accept following ten ideas are truth which were invented by Lord Buddha,

Paths which are belongs to Precepts

Right Concepts Removing from desires to five senses, Removing angry & Removing harms.
Right Words Avoiding: Lies, Saying hint to others, Bad words & useless words.
Right Actions Observing precepts in Buddhism: Pancha Silaa or higher...
Right Works Avoiding jobs related to:  Sell eggs, meats & fishes as foods, sell weapons, sell poisons & sell alcoholic drinks.
Right Persistence Avoiding sins, Reducing currently doing sins, Doing merits & increasing currently doing meritorious activities.

Right Concentration - Four Noble Concentration

Concentration or meditation
about own body
Focus mind to: breathing, body movements, spoiling of death body, internal body paths, way of digesting foods, etc...
Concentration or meditation
about feelings via six senses
Focus mind to: Positive, negative & indifferent impacting to six senses via eye, ear, nose, skin, mouth & mind.
Concentration or meditation
about own mind
Lust, angry & ignorance feelings are created inside mind, so focus your mind to identify them and removing them from mind.
Concentration or meditation
about advance Dharma
Use your mind with advance Dharma matters which are helping to achieve enlightening.

Right Samadhi / Right Concentration

Holding your mind into one jhana among four jhanas for long time or doing meditation long time. Understanding all things in universe are created as dependent organism. Then understand all things are not steady, hence sadness happens. So no any things belong to creature called as "My" (or me). Because if anything belongs to "I" or me, I could able to controlled them as what my like way or stop them from their destroying. But never like that happens in this universe except destroying, vanishing, etc...

Right Wisdom & Right Freedom

From these eight noble paths, we can understand about life & universe and then it is helping us to destroying our lust to unnecessary bonds. There also have achieving right wisdom & it finally help to get right freedom. So this is the great finding of all Lord Buddha. In critical rebirth cycle, lust & ignorance mainly help to bond to suffering from pains, sick, meeting negative people (where meet angry), losing loved people, what we hope things can't get in easy way, mental problems & finally death. Person who liked to achieve enlighten state goes in six paths as below mentioned methods: