About Researching on Sri Lankan Gods & Goddesses

People have had doubts about the existence of gods for a long time, so it is often that we hear god's stories from folktales or fictitious details in our literary books. LankaWisdom has researched about gods by talking with people who possess mind power and have the ability to talk with gods as well as others who can link with gods via mantra science & light reading. We have summarized these details and referenced it with the Theravada Sutra Pitakaya. Now we are going to reveal some important details about gods & goddesses for the benefit of mankind. We started to research about deities since 1996 & all those findings were used to prepare this webpage. Within this period we had encountered lot of experiences related to deities while doing our astrology terms and while helping our clients. We want to give a big thank you to all light readers, clairvoyants, spiritual professionals & Buddhist Theros who have helped us for our research about deities. We wish them success in their spiritual life!
If you have any real life experiences with these gods & goddesses such as Kataragama, Vishnu, Satarawaram Gods, Sakra Devendra, etc then please send us your experiences. We will publish them on our page or use those details for our research which will be a help to all of us. Also, if you believe some details need to be corrected, then please send us such comments too. For this task, you or someone you know must have the direct ability to talk with gods via mind power, mantra science, hypnotism, light reading, etc. Others can join our Facebook group: Buddhist Deities
Intention of this web page is motivate you to attain path and fruition of Buddhism, encourage you to attain telepathy & clairvoyance and motivate you to links with deities & research about them.

Who are Gods & Goddesses

Gods and goddesses are powerful energy beings who have performed big merits through donations, precepts and meditations in their past life times. Gods don't like come physically close to the human world or to humans. They only like to look at us and use their mind waves to help us. Often gods thoughts are powerful which means they have the ability to create physical objects from their mind. Gods look at people who perform merits and use their mind power to help them, in order to make their lives easier. This is called as Devatha Dushti which means Attraction of Gods. We can get their attraction mainly by giving merits to them. In Sri Lanka gods & goddesses are called as Deviyo. Some low power gods & newly born gods are called as Devatha or Deva Putta. Apart from gods, there also exists other types of energy beings which are detailed below: 

Naga - Water Angels - They are powerful inhumans who mostly live in the fresh water resources such as rivers, lakes, ponds, etc, but like to do merit and have the same power as gods. When they want to physically appear, they are seen as serpents. Some of them have big bodies & possess powerful mind power.
Yakka / Yaksha - Demons / Devils - Beings who are cruel and look uglier than gods. Most of them don't show respect to the five precepts. Some have fearful faces and body color which is dark black. They like to eat meat, fish, eggs & oiled meals.
Praytha - Hungry Ghosts - Beings who did sins in their past life and now stay without food, clothing, body and housing. Commonly these inhumans cause trouble to us with spell bindings & hunting our homes and bodies.
Bahirawa - Gnomes - The same as ghosts but are only located in certain areas & protect that area as their own. Bahirawa only trouble us when we try to reside in their area. In that type of situation, we need to do a Bahirawa Puja to get their permission.
Asura - Ocean Angels - Heavenly beings that have the same power as gods, but don't respect precepts or virtuous people. They do jokes & cause trouble to good people and sometimes fight with gods too. They stay in the ocean or nearby areas where have sea water resources.
Mara - Bad Ones of Dead - Inhuman beings that have great power for controlling all living beings including gods and then attach them to lust, ill-will & ignorance. They cause trouble only to Buddhist followers in the human world or heavens and also help bad people or negative inhumans. Lot of clairvoyants had seen main Mara King as demon who had very dark colored & haired, husky body which tall about 3 feet height.

Gods don't enter or hunt into the human body like hungry ghosts, nagas or devils do. But some devils do actually observe the five precepts, show respect to Buddhism & practice the Buddhist teachings.
Some gods live in heaven (Sadiuya Loko Devo) and some live in the human world called as Earthy Angels (Bumatu Devo) or sky near the Earth and they are called Sky Angels (Wassawalahaka Devo). Sky angels have ability to make rainfall. Some deities live based in trees, so they are called as Forest Angels (Vruksha Devathas). In Maha Samaya Sutta, Lord Buddha said there are gods existing in all other planets and stars (Nakkhattàni Purakkhatvà...) such as our Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, etc. Gods who do not belong to the lust world stay in the Brahma Worlds (Brahma Loko Devo) & gods who are in Anagami state (being who has removed lust) stay in the Pureland heavens (Suddawasa Devo). Some low power gods who perform entertainment for higher gods with art, music and dances are called as Artistic Angels (Gandrauwa). They mainly live in some part of heaven of the four regions.
A popular Buddhist teaching states that People, who have gone to the Buddha for refuge, will not go to the plane of hells. On discarding the human body, they will fill the hosts of devas in the heavens.

How We Can Attract Gods & Goddesses?

It is very difficult to get god's attraction within a small amount of time such as one day. Sometimes it takes two or more months in order to get the attraction from a particular god. However Buddhist people can get their attraction from mind requesting every day after worshiping the triple gem. But some people can get their attraction much quicker because of past life relationships with gods. But god's attraction formula is simple, which is shown below: 

Merits + Precepts + Tidiness + Sweet Odors + Chanting Dhamma (Parittas)

Lord Buddha has said it is wise to transfer merits to gods by doing Buddhist merit activities such as: giving alms or medicine, clothing donations to the sangha, help to build temples or rooms for meditative Buddhist monks, doing meditations, observing precepts, teaching dharma, learning dharma, helping to poor people, etc...  Earth Based gods and goddesses are attracted to - sweet odours such as water flowers, sandalwood, jasmine, pichcha, some oils, fruits or clean places such as clean ponds, rivers, big trees, nice gardens, stupa and temples. If you keep such odours, trees or flowers inside your home, rooms or garden then gods will have a likeness to your home.  Also keeping a Buddha worshiping place such as altar (neat room or tall table with Buddha statue, leaf of the Bodi tree & small stupa, where you can offer flowers, incense sticks & oil lamp to Lord Buddha) in your home is another way to get the attractions of gods. If all family members worship to Buddha in this place, then all of them will be attracted by kindly gods. After you get a sign from your ishta devatha or other gods attracted to you, it is not good to wear or use Amulets (Yantras) or use sound science (Mantras) to cure your problems. Then gods think you have neglected their power, so they remove their attraction from you or your family. Instead of Mantras, you can use Buddhist poems or Parittas (Gods especially like to hear Karaniya Metta sutta & Maha Mangala Sutta as we got direct message from Gana God). It is good if you talk about these matters with your family Astrologer. If you reduce your merit works then gods also reduce their attraction by the same amount from you & your family. The Dhammapada said that a person who does not get angry, who speaks the truth & who gives donations becomes closer to gods!

Buddhist Gods & Goddesses

Buddhist people don't take refuge in gods but only ask for their help. Buddhist people can associate deities as spiritual teachers, guides & friends. Many Buddhist gods can be attracted to you by mind requesting. If they take your request into consideration, they will show it by a dream or some sign. These dreams can be seen by you or a family member who has the best precepts. You then need to transfer merits for that god by doing big merit work yourself. Lord Buddha said the practicing of - devotion to the triple gem, observing the five precepts, dharma learning, donations & developing wisdom helps us to be born in our desired heaven. Among these six heavens, Tusita heaven is a special heaven where only real Buddhist gods, Buddhist goddesses and Bodhisattva gods exist. Heavens including Yamaya and above are locations for gods & goddesses who do not act with conflict, anger or jealousy. Here are brief descriptions about the six heavens:

Name of Heaven Heaven Of Name of Main God Life Time in Human Years
Caturr Maha Rajika Four Regions Satarawaram Gods 9 million
Tawatimsa Thirty-three Kingdoms Sakkra Devandra 36 million
Yamaya Hazards free Deities Suyama 144 million
Tusita Deities stay in Happy Santusita 576 million
Nimmana Rati Deities love Creations Sunimmita 2304 million
Paranimmita Vasawatti Deities have all Lust Vasawatti 9216 million

There also exists the 20 great heavens called Brahma Loka, where beings can have a life time of up to more than 9216 million years. To be born in Brahma Loka we need to achieve contemplation or jhana or smadhi in deep meditation. Lord Buddha said if someone practices Metta Meditation in the correct way, he will surely be born in Brahma Loka as similar to waking up from sleep. Here are given names for the 20 Brahma Loka Realms:

Servants of Brahma (brahma parisajja deva), Ministers of Brahma (brahma purohita deva), Great Brahmas (maha brahma), Brahmas of Small Radiance (parittabha deva), Brahmas of Infinitive Radiance (appamanabha deva), Brahmas of Streaming Radiance (abhassara deva), Brahmas of Small Glory (parittasubha deva), Brahmas of Infinitive Glory (appamanasubha deva), Brahmas of Refulgent Glory (subhakinna deva), Brahmas of Very Fruitful (vehapphala deva),  Brahmas of not Falling Away (aviha deva), Untroubled Brahmas (atappa deva), Beautiful Brahmas (sudassa deva), Clear-sighted Brahmas (sudassi deva), Brahmas of Non-junior (akanittha deva), Infinite Space (akasanañcayatanupaga deva), Infinite Consciousness (viññanañcayatanupaga deva), Unconscious beings (asaññasatta), Nothingness (akiñcaññayatanupaga deva), Neither-perception-nor-non-perception (nevasaññanasaññayatanupaga deva).

Satarawaram Gods: Four main gods rule in four directions of the world four inhuman types from Heaven of four region or Caturr Maha Rajika. These four gods also called as Satarawaram gods stay under ruling of god Sakra Devandra. These four gods separate some devil leaders to protect virtuous Buddhist people. Dutarathta (East) rules Gandrawa, Virullha (South) rules Ghosts, Virupakka (West) rules Naga  Kuwera (North) rules Devils.

Below we discuss some other Buddhist gods who are detailed in the Sutra Pitakaya. 

Council of Gods & Goddesses

With the exception of some gods, all other famous gods & goddesses belong to Bumatu Deva or Yakka or Nagha sector under the Satarawaram Gods. Even in heavens which have a lot of gods, only some powerful gods take care of the human world. They are called as the Council of Gods (Deva Mandalaya). These gods can be named as guardian gods, because every 20 years by 20 years they take care of the human world. Some of them live in sub heavens which are located between earth surface and the main six heavens. The birth of gods in heavenly realms are a result of their meritorious deeds performed in their human life. There is a wide truth that gods do really exist and can influence our life. When Lord Buddha visited Sri Lanka three times & Arahant monk Mihidu Thero came to Sri Lanka, consequently a lot of gods & goddesses in Sri Lanka became soovan (stream-enterer) & higher states. Therefore we can conclude all areas in our country have those powerful gods who take care of Buddhist people around their regions. One Tree Based Goddess told us every tree in Sri Lanka, Stupa, Bodi and temples have gods. Even in other countries. But they don’t like to link with people. She told it is difficult to find tree without earth based gods. She told, if someone cut tree that has tree based god, then some such gods punish to such tree cutters. In other countries people who did good deeds are born as earth based gods then stay in churches & shrines. When people come to such religious places for worshiping they help to those people as angles. Same as other religious deities live in relevant countries. There have different look like among Buddhist gods & other religious gods. For link with gods we need big merits, big devotion to gods and past life connection with that gods. Otherwise it is very difficult to get help from gods. But in public shrines or temples like places gods help to people. Some powerful gods come to such places then help even they stay based on another places. Gods helping vary with our devotion to that gods.

We want to say any of following discussions on gods or goddesses are not fictitious and that they really do exist. Because many gods stories come from myths, we conducted real life investigations about gods with people who have the power to talk with gods via light reading (Anjanam or Divine Screen) or mind power, personal experiences & monks who do meditation. We found this information related to the gods below. Also here we want to give our thanks to all light readers, clairvoyants, spiritual professionals & Buddhist Theros who helped us during our research with deities and also wish them to success in their spiritual life! (Cite: Based on the researching did in 2014 & 2015 years with more advanced clairvoyants & light readers, some details had been changed in this section. So we are inviting our old visitors to read again this webpage for update their knowledge. New updating is effecting since 2016/01/01.)

Colors which are tuning to each deity means aura color of each deity's energy body. It is color of halo (or radiation) which is emitted from god's energy body. We asked those colors from those deities themselves. Also each deity's most liked oil smell for keeping lamps, flowers & fruits (or alimentary offerings) were asked from those deities via powerful divine screen. Here we want to mention that gem stones which are tuned to each deity may not compatible to your horoscope.

Devala and Deva Puja

Most of the main gods & goddesses have ministers (who are middle power gods), while under those ministers there are a lot of low power gods who specialize in giving help in certain areas. As well as low power gods, all main gods have groups of devils or powerful hungry ghosts who are used to give punishments to people who do bad things. This is because it is god's duty to keep good in the world & reduce the bad. Devala/Devale or Deity Shrines (or Temples/Fane) is a place where low power gods such as Bumathu Devas, devils or ghosts reside. These low power gods tell about us to their ministers. Quite often these low power gods give help for our success & onus by asking help from their minister gods. As an example, Kataragama god's minister god separates a lot of low power gods to all Kataragama Devala's in Sri Lanka & worldwide. 

People offer fruit's & flowers to gods. This is done because some gods absorb such meals by taking in the smell, colors & lights. In the Sutra Pitakaya, there are a collected group of sutras called Gandabbakaika Sanyuttaya, which discuss about these kind of gods by Lord Buddha. To correctly undertake a god's blessing ceremony or Deva Puja (offering to gods), firstly we need to clean four trays, seven cups and take new oil lamps (about one to seven). Then you need to make those four trays as per below:

People who can't offer such a big puja can prepare a small puja with a steel tray with spread betel leaves, five fruits, three sweet meals, white flowers, lighted incense sticks and lighted camphor coins on shaded coconut fruit.

It is appropriate to use a steel, brass or golden tray. This tray must only be used for keeping puja for gods. You need to consult a good astrologer for doing the correct deva puja, It needs to be prepared in a certain way, according to your problem and also different gods like different type of leaves, odors, flowers, fruits, oils, meals & smells. After keeping these trays into altar or Devala, we can request their attractions. Gods have a likeness for neat & clean environments, hence we need to choose a clean place to perform deva puja. Every devala has a priest who helps to do deva puja. He is a practicing vegetarian and knows well about the god in his devala. You can consult a priest at a devala to undertake this deva puja. But you also can keep such puja in a devala or near the Bodhi tree by yourself and then request to take your puja. As you can understand this puja is not eaten by gods but they only use it's smells, colors or light & only to bring happiness to their minds. One hour after the puja, you & your family members can eat the fruits & sweet meals or give it to another family, otherwise feed it to birds. Often, these items have the blessings of gods which can make your mind & body healthy.  

Keeping Of Bara - Agreements with Gods

Some people keep an agreement or onus with gods which called Bara. This is done by tying a coin with a twisted white new cloth (cloth's colors must be same as god's aura color) at a devala or near a tree. This coin is called Padura. This coin must washed from a mix of lime juice & turmeric & the cloth must be same color as god's aura color & recently purchased. It is advised to all people to remove Bara by as you promised once god has helped to you. Otherwise some gods do carry out severe punishments to us, until we remove Bara. These punishments undertaken are called Deva Dosha. You do not need to keep an agreement with gods for things which you can't do, gods only expect a little puja such as fruit, flowers, oil lamp, candle light, etc as a mark of respect. If you reside in another country, you can do the same deva puja in a Hindu temple or devala in those countries. But it is not advisable to do deva puja in the garden or outside of homes because some ghosts and devils hunt those smells. They can create new problems for you. Some countries such as Japan, devotees write down their wishes in colorful paper and tying near shrines. This also another method of keeping agreement with gods. In this case paper color should be belongs to relevant aura of each deities or color of the planet which is most powerful in your horoscope. Paper size must be squared rather than rectangle. You can arrange a deva puja just below the Buddha worshiping place or puja room. In that case use the following steps below:

Can god's can tell about our future? (Soothsaying)

Many gods can speak about our future from their mind power. However, hungry ghosts & devils can mislead us at a devala by saying the truth about our past but saying incorrect information about future. Ghosts & devils cannot speak about our future as accurately as gods. Therefore you must be careful when you go to ask future predictions from some devalas. It is good to determine firstly about that devala's residing god or ghost by talking with main priests. Gods don't like to waste money, but ghosts do try to collect money from people who come to the devala. They then give that money to priests, because they have a past life relationship with those priests. But gods don't like mislead people in that way.

In Sinhala, these types of future predictions or prophesies are called as Sattara. In western parapsychology this action is widely researched as opening channel connects or channeling. Gods, devils, naga's and ghosts can read our mind by entering into our mind images. A lot of the time they can read our past lives through our mind. It is ESP power which they possess. They then determine what kind of things happen in our future through our karmic forces. Often naga, ghosts & devils hunt our body to read our mind. This is known as trance or Awasha. In a trance state, the person vibrates his body along with his head & answers the clients problems. But some powerful devils, naga & gods don't like to hunt the human body, instead they link with our mind or nervous system via telepathy & their divine-eye. This is because gods view the human body as dirty or unclean. In this case, the priest doesn't enter into a trance or awasha, instead he can know receive messages by gods via some objects such as a oil lamp, leaves, white paper, water cup, etc. Sometimes priests give Herbal Medicines via asking from gods, in that case before taking such medicines, it is important to check with an experienced Ayurvadic Doctor whether those medicines are valid according to traditional Ayurvadha. So here are simple methods to identify if a devala has gods or other type of inhumans:

Get helps from Gods & Goddesses

According to our problems, deities have the ability to help ease our pains or they help us to achieve our life goals like as detailed below. However deities do not have a responsibility to help us. If they have a desire to, they will help us. If we have big negative karmic debts to pay, then they will stay silent. Gods can't be misled by giving pujas or by visiting shrines, cause they know every thing about us. Before we get help from these gods, you must know that whether you have an Ishta Devatha for you or an attraction of a particular god or goddess. If you have, then that ishta devatha can act as an representative and ask help from these main gods on behalf of you. Therefore you should consult your family astrologer to know which particular god is good for your problems. However if you trust the power of a particular god, you can request help from that god via your own mind.

Ishta Devatha are our past life relations or friends, soul contractors with us from non-physical realms before coming into this lifetime or past life teachers who were reincarnated as deities due to their past life merits. Commonly they are addressing in many forms such as spiritual colleagues, tutelary deities, guardian angels, ascended masters, godheads & spiritual guides. In Buddhist sense of the view, they are lower power or middle power sky based or earth based deities. Some deities become friendly with us after seeing our good deeds in our current life. You can consult a light reader or clairvoyant for know about your ishta devathas, their names and your soul purposes or soul duties. Normally a virtuous person has istha devathas between 4 to 100. Often people receive special help from these deities. Some ishta devathas work on specific tasks and for a fixed time period with us while other deities help us throughout our life. Author of this webpage practices way of connecting with istha devathas since many years and he is achieved sound benefits from it. Method is enlisting your targets of life for forth coming year in December 31st of the final year. Write it in nice paper and nice colors and categorize them as main areas in life such as career life, economic life, marriage life, spiritual life, emotional life, etc. Read it several times in January 1st, then ask blessing from your istha devathas to attain those targets and then keep it on your altar. Every month about two days you want to read this sheet and recall your istha devathas. End of the year you should give thanks to your istha devathas for helping you to win these life goals. Unsuccessful targets can lead to next year or banned from your wish list. You want to remember always, even we can't see our istha devathas but they can see us any time and they already nudge us for fetching us in right track. Lot of people have to perform soul duties in this human life and istha devathas nudge us to do so. Deities don't like to break our Free-Will hence it is better using this method for ask helps from them. Color which is tuning to these gods are Rainbow Colors. Stone & crystal for get attraction from these gods are transparent crystals and planets that link with these deities are 1st & 8th houses in your horoscope.

Many visitors ask from us about Sharing Merits to Deities. Visitors from both sides of the globe are not familiar with giving meritorious energies to deities. So here are the steps for sharing merits: Firstly recall some meritorious and sacred activities which you performed recently (such as helping poor people, donating alms, mediation etc.), then then focus your mind on it for about 3 minutes. When recalling such meritorious and sacred activities, our mind attains a happy and soft feeling, so we can transfer these positive mental energies to deities. In Buddhist Teachings there exists a type of meditation called the Meditation of Donations, which you can practice for about 20 minutes. Recall deities which you respect via their name and picture and then think as the following - "my dear gods/goddesses, please share/take these meritorious energies, which I have collected from these good deeds". Wish that these meritorious energies may help to increase their lifespan, complexion, comfort, power and wisdom. Also wish that they may attain the path and fruition of Buddhism as they hope and that the given meritorious energies may help them. Normally a good method is keeping separate book for writing down merit activities (In this book, in each page you can write down date, time, step by step description of how you did these activities and what you felt in that moment. It is better you read this book two times per month, page by page continually. Then you will remember your meritorious energies forever!), then during a free moment read it page by page and then give merits as per the above system. This system was used by Sri Lankan King Dutu Gamunu who now resides in Tusita Heaven. These meritorious energies help to increase lifespan, complexion, comfort, power and wisdom of deities including our istha devathas. Hence they are able to help us in a more powerful way for our life.

Here we give some tips to get help from gods:

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