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  Face Interviews : Successful Interview Tips

       Interviews are common for get a new job, try for promotion, refreshing job areas, start fresh love affair, in marriage proposals, and many more occasions. Here we are going to show you some tips for pass your interviews well. Before face to interviews we need to send cover letter & CV (also called bio-data) to companies. But before that you must have clear idea about what kind of job you need when compare with your own skills. Person who have small oral skills must not find job in sales reps. Person can't do computer typing, must not seek job as clerk. When you find jobs you must consider targeted job titles, it's main tasks & purposes, what kind of skills needed, qualification you needed, special requirements for job title & main term of conditions in that job. After you got invitation letter for interviews, you must research about that company or organization under following facts :
  • Who are owner of organization, is it main products or services? 
  • Organization structures, departments, branches, outlets, factories & sub companies?
  • Where they located? Capital organization? Top level managers & director board?
  • Organization reputation, strengths, weaknesses, employees, customers?
  • Market shares, what people say about that organization?
  • Main advertisements or procedures? Company website?

Then you have good preparation for face this interview. Sometimes interview board have group of people or sometimes only one person. Here are some tips for how you want to behave in interviewing period : 

 Do  Don't
 Be prepare, punctual & relax  Be boring, creep & over friendly
 Care about your appearance  Talk well when refer people like Mr.. or Mrs..
 Listen to questions then speak well  Don't criticize society or people
 Be friendly, polite & calm  Let interviewers finish his questions
 Expand your answers  Don't argues with interviewers
 Look direct at interviewers  Don't over boast your strengths 
 Keep your copy of CV, pen & blank paper  Don't say any lie or suspecting facts
 Be truthful, substantiate & show your strengths  Don't wear fancy cloths or use mobile phones 

Common interviewing questions :

  • Where were you born? Where do you live now? Do you like this city?
  • What your parent do? Do you have brothers & sisters? Are you enjoying life?
  • What do you think about this job & your application form for this job?
  • What do you do for relaxation & leisure? Do you like sports & have join any clubs?
  • Do you read news papers? Do you watch business news on TV? Whose are your favorite authors?
  • What is your school? What did you think about your school teachers?
  • What is your most like subject? What do you think about your school? Why do you like these subjects?
  • What you do normally in school or university holidays? Why you bad with these subjects?
  • What's hardest thing you have had in past job? Do you like your current boss?
  • What you had failed to achieve in your current job? What your boss think about you?
  • Why do you want to join this company? What do we do here? Why should we employ you?
  • How much money do you want? Were you sacked? Why you keep blank these areas in CV?
  • So can you sell me this pen? What do you do if ...? What you think of ...?
  • Tell me all about...? What you did in past ten years? What do you think about your colleagues?
  • Tell me what you know about our product or services? Can you talk well via phones? 

Read transcripts, books, magazines related to facing interviews, Good Luck For Your Interviews!

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