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Horoscope Readings on Entire Life
Our astrology service gives you life readings which include about...
Your character, strengths, weaknesses 
Education, inborn skills, occupational paths
Love, marriage, family life, children
Enemies, sicknesses, negative karma forces
Money, houses, lands, foreign journeys
Positive karma forces, ways to develop them
Deva puja, gems, meritorious activities
  Fees : Locals - Rs.2000, Foreigners - USD 20
You can ask any number of questions which are not included in the reading. 
Detailed Horoscopes Matching
Done via traditional sinhala astrological marriage analysis, such as...
Analyzing with 20+8 porondam systems
Effects with Kuja/Shani/Ravi/Sikuru/Rahu/Ketu
Sudarsana Chakra checkings
Positive and negative planets combinations
Child problems & parenting problems
Sexual happiness, household life, family wealthy
Guidance for cure incompatibility areas 
  Fees : Locals - Rs.2000, Foreigners - USD 20
Marriage analysis report send to you within 2 or 3 working days via emailing.
General Astrology Readings - For clients who don't need entire life reading, but need to check their birth chart on current planetary transits & need to focus on few areas in their life. This general reading is suitable for them. General readings send to you within 2 or 3 working days to your email address. You can ask only three questions on your horocope. (Additional question is Rs.100/US$1.)
Fees - within locals : Rs.500, for clients in foreign : USD 5   
  Steps For Acquire Our Astrology Services... 
- Contact Us via email or simply SMS to [+94 77 8305 603] for your requesting & check time allocation
   - After confirmed, do your payments as below mentioned payment methods according to your requesting,
- Then you can send us your following astrological, personal, payment and other details,
- Astrological Details : Your birth day (YYYY/MM/DD), birth time (HH:MM:SS), birth country & birth town,
- Personal Details : Your gender (male/female), mutual states (married/unmarried) & are you twins or not,
- Payment Details : Scanned image of bank slip/draft or western union control number (MTCN),
- Other Details : Questions want to ask related to your horoscopes (any number of questions in Entire Life),
- Foreign Clients : Please inform us your normal residency city & country.
- Preferred Language : You need to mention us version of the reading i.e. Sinhala or English.
- If case is matching or porondam, your partner's birth day, birth time, birth country & birth town.
- After that we send confirmation email related to your payment received and starting of your work.
- Normally we send your readings after seven working days since the day you settled payments.
▪ Sometimes, it will late to reply your requesting about - 7 hours for SMS and 2 days for emails.
  Readings and Reports Sending Ways
- Sinhala Version : Submit to your email address in PDF Format. (Both locals & foreigners)
- English Version : Submit to your email address in PDF Format. (Both locals & foreigners)
     Readings are only sending via one option among above two sending options.
  Methods of Doing Payments
    For Local Clients - Credit your payments to the any branch of NSB Bank as following,

          Bank Name : NSB Bank ( Locate - NSB Branches / Foreign Remittances Agents )
          Account Name : S.P.B.M. Ranasinghe, Account Number : 1008-1021-4167 
          SWIFT code : "NSBALKLX", Branch Name & Number : Kandy Second (0081)
Please email - scanned image of bank slip / bank draft or copy of internet banking receipt.
  For Foreign Clients - Transfer your payments via Western Union as following details,
          Receiver's Name : Mr. S.P.B.M. Ranasinghe.
          Receiver's Postal Address : 31-L, Riverside Camp, Mawatura, Via Gampola, Sri Lanka.
          Receiver's Telephone Number :
+94 77 8305 603
  Please email correctly - MTCN number, your full name & your current country.   
How We Send Payments From Foreign Counties?  

- Western Union is international money transferring company, which operates it's agents in every countries.
- Western Union also allows you to pay online using your Credit Card or Debit Card via their website.
- Or, you can physically do payments at your nearest Western Union agent - Find Western Union Agents
- Tell them, you need to send money to Sri Lanka. As they ask, give our details correctly.
- After your payment, they will give you secret number called as Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN),
- Send correctly that [ MTCN number, your full name & your current country ] to us via Contact Us.
- This MTCN number use to take money from Sri Lanka. So keep that number secretly between you and ours.
 ▪ Our fees are not included - international money transfer commission fees. You need to pay it separately.
 For read extra details about our astrology services, please use this link - Our Insight and More Services

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