Neuro Linguistics Programming

NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) is new technology used in modern practical psychology for alter power of the human mind to achieve personal success. In 70th century two American scientists (Richard Bandler and John Grinder under the anthropologist, social scientist, linguist and cyberneticist Gregory Bateson, at the University of California) found out this modern observation. Then lot of personal development researchers improve these techniques into different sub sections called as Seishindo, 5S, Somatic Communication, Synergy, Synergy PLUS, Silva Ultra Mind, etc. Today NLP is powered by Indian classical Yoga, Parapsychology, Buddhism and Quantum Physics. Basic concept of the NLP is stimulating neuron cells in the brain via doing programming to mind or converting negative neuron pattern into positive neuron pattern via five senses (i.e. eye, nose, ear, skin tension & thinking). From these mental converting, negative human behaviors can be changed into positive behaviors. So we give some guide lines of the NLP for Lanka Wisdom visitors which can be used to improve their personal life. Here we discuss some very simple & practical activities which you can use in your daily life for achieve your personal goals. Following simple ten rules tell how is our mind functioning naturally:

Seven sections in personal life which want to be balanced & continually maintained

Super Healthy

Become Vegetarian? Anyone can't tell become vegetarian is good or bad. Only can say as it is a good habit. Cause people have own idea about become vegetarian. Some are eating only seeds, vegetables and fruits. Other take milk but stop fish, meat and eggs. Some people reduce meat, fish & eggs at some level. However it is good you eat grams, peas, green leaves, daal, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. Dairy products such as yogurts, curd, cheese, etc are important to healthy life. Soya milk and Soya meals also want to take by vegetarian people. To become vegetarian we need big courage, because we attract to take meat, fish or eggs since our birth day. Normally vegetarians are used to consume chocolates, ice creams & other sweet meals or soft drinks, this may help to increase amount of sugar level, so this Red Fact want to be remembered by every people. Instead of artificial soft drinks or cola drinks you can use vegan soups & herbal drinks. Also we want to reduce tea & coffee because those drinks are interrupting our digesting systems. If you used to tea or coffee add some milk with it. Every vegetarian need to read books or articles relate to nutritional value of our daily foods.

Color Theory

Auto Suggestions

Relaxation Music & Mental Visualization

Positive Thinking

Become a Good Learner

Sample Memory Map

Simple Meditation & Mind Power

Face Interviews: Successful Interview Tips

Interviews are common for get a new job, try for promotion, refreshing job areas, start fresh love affair, in marriage proposals, and many more occasions. Here we are going to show you some tips for pass your interviews well. Before face to interviews we need to send cover letter & CV (also called bio-data) to companies. But before that you must have clear idea about what kind of job you need when compare with your own skills. Person who have small oral skills must not find job in sales reps. Person can't do computer typing, must not seek job as clerk. When you find jobs you must consider targeted job titles, it's main tasks & purposes, what kind of skills needed, qualification you needed, special requirements for job title & main term of conditions in that job. After you got invitation letter for interviews, you must research about that company or organization under following facts:

Read transcripts, books, magazines related to facing interviews, Good Luck For Your Interviews! Then you have good preparation for face this interview. Sometimes interview board have group of people or sometimes only one person. Here are some tips for how you want to behave in interviewing period: 

Do Don't
Be prepare, punctual & relax Be boring, creep & over friendly
Care about your appearance Talk well when refer people like Mr.. or Mrs..
Listen to questions then speak well Don't criticize society or people
Be friendly, polite & calm Let interviewers finish his questions
Expand your answers Don't argues with interviewers
Look direct at interviewers Don't over boast your strengths
Keep your copy of CV, pen & blank paper Don't say any lie or suspecting facts
Be truthful, substantiate & show your strengths Don't wear fancy cloths or use mobile phones

Common interviewing questions:

Team Working - Concepts & Theories

Team is an energetic group of people, who work together for achieve particular goal & wish high results than working alone. All team members are, motivating each other, combining their skills, improving their creativity & developing efficiency via effective participation. As an example, two couple married are can consider as basic team. People who build software also work as team, like designers are creating user interfaces, software engineers are doing calculations, preparing concepts, developers are doing programming, marketing members can do field researching and trainers do fault finding, while system administrators are managing all works. There are eight factors involved in build effective team:

Team members are individually effecting to success their team with good communication skills such as writing reports, orally talking by phone calling, sending sms or emails. All teams have leadership, who is doing planning, organizing, decision making & motivate his members. Some team have two or more leaders. Analytical thinking & improving own skill are main responsibilities for other team members. All team members must have clearly defined roles. One member must write down all decision were made in group meetings. All member participate their team via physically or via electronics media. Always Remember formula Of TEAM = Together Everyone Achieve More. Good Team must have following performances:

How we can succeed in becoming wealthy

People who have no money - People who are not successful in gaining wealth always happen to search for money and tend to have a stressful mind thinking about their financial future. They are often trapped into leasing or taking loans and happen to follow behind people who have money. These people don't practice proper economic management in their life. Being satisfied with what we have is not always practical as there is always a chance we can face misfortune in our personal life, our career life, our businesses or in the natural world.

People who have money - People tend to be calmer and more relaxed when they possess a sufficient amount of money. This allows them to take life decisions with a clear mind. They don't have fear about the future and have a fresh mind, allowing them to produce creative ideas. They can invest extra money in learning new skills, buying properties, depositing it in a bank or starting up new businesses. As a good practice, they calculate daily loss & profits in a book. Wealthy people always separate a certain amount of money as insurance for their life and properties.

Discipline of saving - Saving money with the bank is considered to be the main step in becoming rich. We need to have motivation and discipline in order to regularly save a fixed amount of money. It must be considered as a necessity in the same way as purchasing food. It is recommended to save at least 10% of your total income per month. Saving money can also be regarded as Financial Independence because it helps to make our mind free. We also need to think about how we save, such as depositing it in a bank account, buying land, buying property or purchasing gold etc. When we deposit money with the bank, they then invest this money by giving loans to micro businesses and corporate projects. Hence, investing money with the bank directly helps to develop our country towards prosperity.

Dealing with Banks - It is important that we take the right approach when it comes to dealing with banks or other financial institutions. Normally with banks, we can maintain three types of money accounts. These are - Savings Accounts, Current or Cheque accounts and Fixed Term Deposits. With the use of ATM cards, people nowadays regard savings accounts as the same as current accounts. Current accounts are used mainly to perform daily money transactions whilst any leftover savings is not considered to be in that account except in the case of collecting money from businesses or from a salary. Savings accounts are used to keep savings as a way of self discipline. Hence we need to restrict the withdrawal of money via ATM cards. It is suggested to take enough money for a week as a good habit to restrict spending when handling ATM cards. If you need to take money from your bank account, always use your current account instead of your savings account. Depositing a fixed amount from your monthly income into a separate savings account is one way to encourage good saving habits. Fixed term deposits are another way to discipline our mind and our spending habits, enabling us to steadily save while earning higher interest rates from banks or other kinds of financial organizations.

Common types of Financial Traps

Leasing and Loans - Many people take on loans without thinking how they are going to pay it back. Some people take on loans relying on uncertain future plans such as earnings from a foreign job, incomes from new businesses or with an insufficient salary. It is not suitable to undertake loans or to lease if your intention is to obtain fancy things. Loans or leasing should only be taken for new investments. As example, if we need a new investment of Rs.100, then we must have 75% with us, which is not included from the loan. We should expect to use only 25% of our total needs from leasing or loans. Also the 25% we acquire from the loan must be saved in the bank and should not be used in the investment. This amount is required to pay back the loan, in case you are unable to earn funds from your investment as initially planned. A lot of people take loans because of attractive advertisements. But ideally we should always remember that undertaking loans & leasing helps to give us added mental stress, physical sicknesses and can potentially cause family problems too.

Handling Credit Cards - Bad usage of credit cards is another way people tend to waste or lose money. Credit or debit cards can make our money vanish easily within minutes. Online purchases, shopping in super markets and foreign traveling can all contribute to us wasting money if we do not know our limits. Credit cards can create money, so mentally we don’t identify it as another kind of loan. To save money from spending excessively, we want to keep a monthly limitation on our card purchases. We also need to take care in paying our credit card bills on time in order to avoid interest collections. Before we go to the super markets, we should prepare a goods list after consulting with family members. Always collect bills and analyze extra purchases beyond the list. This will help to reduce going over your budget in future. Maintaining a family or personal money book is also another good method to keep track of spending. Essentially, we need to have self-discipline in order to avoid extravagant spending.

Money and Personality

Ways of wasting money

Ways of being successful with money

Buddhist Saving System (BSS) - Think as your total monthly income is Rs.100, then separate your funds as following:

Monthly Family Expanses Invest Again in Business Savings for Future
25% 50% 25%

Sample Personal Economic Management System Per Month - Consider your monthly income is Rs.100, then keep your expanses as following:

Daily Needs Savings Investments Hobbies Merit Works
60% 10% 10% 10% 10%

As water, money also follows from where money have to where money have not via easy routes...