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Our Story

History of the LankaWsidom.com: Search Engine to Spiritual side Web Portal

LankaWisdom.com website has resulted from research done since 2005/01/15, to build a search engine related to Sri Lanka. In 2005 January with help of the free server called topcities.com, we started a new website which is a web directory of Sri Lankan popular websites categorized as an easy searching directory. We collected a lot of Sri Lankan websites since 2005. In January 2006 we brought our first domain name, then we redirected the "Sri Lankan Popular Web Cultures" website to the above domain name. When we got a higher ranking in Top Sites lists, we thought to expand our services into astrology, psychology, NLP science, friends, music, etc. Also, we wished to start a Buddhist website called Buddhism For Modern World.

Then we felt our domain name must be more Sri Lankan. So we went into a new domain name called, greatsrilanka.com. Also, we started a Sri Lankan music search engine & directory called srilankamusic.net. This gretsrilanka.com offered a lot of free services such as emails, searching facilities, psychological articles, astrology readings, free shoutbox, music corner, web polls, etc...

As well as going with new technologies like electronics, web development & software development; we are doing experiments and research projects on Sri Lankan traditional metaphysics such as astrology, parapsychology, light readings & meditation. Also, our dimension went into communicating with unseen or metaphysical such as the world of deities & other humans. So we are researching their influences on the human world. We thought to include those experimental results on our websites for the benefit of mankind.

Then we thought to start a new website that can be offered all our services in one place or one domain name, so this idea help us to start LankaWisdom.com. Now the main aim of LankaWisdom.com is helping to mankind worldwide develop their personal life according to Sri Lankan traditional knowledgebases such as Buddhism, Astrology, Deities, and other sorts of our ancient wisdom. Also with these ancient pearls of wisdom, we try to introduce modern psychological and personal development skills to our visitors. LankaWisdom.com was started to develop on 2008/01/31 and released to the web on 2008/02/22. We have experience in providing online astrological readings since 2008 which means now 10 years!

Since 2005 we gained a lot of experience related to websites & internet technologies. From these skills, currently, we are building our website into a more simple interface, but using advanced server-side web development tools & languages. We hope to expand our services in near future. Now we are a spiritual side web portal and we hope to give the best astrology services to the entire world. Here we give our thanks to our clients, our spiritual teachers, our guardian angels, all deities, Gana God, and especially to Lakshmi Goddess. Here we gave our thanks and merits to Mr. Supun Dissanayake who is helping with these tasks and our research projects related to gods.

In 2017 year LankaWisdom.com website was built using new HTML technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, and uses modern browser and screen standards for desktop computers and Laptops. This new version was lunching on 2017/11/20. In this new version, the Search Engine was removed, International Web Index was removed, uses easy navigation panel, and all articles were combined into one webpage. This new version uses modern design strategies and gives the website a more spiritual personality. This is what we called Lanka Wisdom Version 2 which is more oriented toward international-minded clients. Building software also we had changed, FrontPage into Brackets. In 2020 July 24th we introduced a new version of our website called Lanka Wisdom 3. This version mainly focused on being mobile-friendly and more informative. Because our clients had asked us for long years that this website should be mobile friendly.

Our experience in Search Engines and SEO is shared on a separate website called TeroInternet.com. You can visit it for more information on Smart Guide to Modern Search Engine Optimization .

For all of you friends & visitors of Lanka Wisdom, May The Triple Gem Bless You! Gods Bless You!

Some of Testimonials from our Dear Visitors

"Hi, I am really interested in the contents you publish in your website and have gained lot of info about various aspects of life. Most of the time I read the Buddhism Section as I found it more interesting than other sections. - Best Regards"

"Hello, I wanted to thank you for publishing your article on Deities on your website which I read with great interest. This web site Lanka Wisdom It has very good information. Thank you very much indeed..."

"Hello, Thank you very much for your big service. We can get knowledge about very important and secret things from your site. Your service is very important for whole world and for the future. This is the one of my most favorite and most important websites. Wish you all the best. Thank you very much...!"

"Thank you so much sir . We were in a mess !! You solved it . Greatly appreciated. Thank you again sir..."

"I gain lot of knowledge of Gods, thank you very much. God bless you!"

"I did take a life readings from you my that one costumer of son. That son of parents told that your readings are very clear and correct 200%. I will try my best to contact you to my costumers future. Actually I trust and true my life readings that you told me. This year is not a good for my works and my healthy. I feel, I can start my own office next year. You told me before that. Lots of times I feel I can take a divine eye sure if I do this meditation everyday and your assisting is very useful to me always. Thanks you and great merit to help me like this. May de triple gem bless you and your alls!"

"Your reply is very much appreciated. Usually people will not reply for emails, but you did that. Actually I am not living in Sri Lanka now. However you have done good help to me. It is a very good Karma. Thank you very much again."

"I don't know how to express my gratitude towards your help. I sincerely hope that all the best things in the world happen to you and your family. Whenever I pray for gods I always wish you and your family the best. When I come to Sri Lanka this year I will definitely visit you with my wife."

"Mr. Ranasinghe made big contribution towards my life becoming success. I remember early April last year you had ask from God about process of yantra for me and God said that my life would become success soon. Definitely in my mind, I believe it is because of power of Lanka Wisdom Yantra that I was able to get this job at leading bank in Australia. Reason is, because after finishing Uni, I was applying for 20-30 jobs nearly every day for many months. So that is maybe +500 jobs in total I applied but I only received 2-3 calls from employers. So when I was offered to come for interview in this job. then I lit candle in front of yantra and transferred merits to Sri Vishnu God and mentally requested blessings to get this job. But even after interview I did not think I would get this job, so it came as a surprise to me."

"Because of your guidance, I also saw god dadimunda. The whole for us, I was shocked, so can't explain, firstly didn't recognized well. Very small picture , first I saw divine door to heaven, then face, then whole body. Very very small picture. Gold color. If I asked for a big picture its shows, I was shocked. Everything because of you, thank you very much."

"I stayed with my son last night. I noticed big more improvements in him. He has begun to work hard,too. He is improving and I think, getting better. I wanted to tell you this because I am sure he has got the the blessings of the pujas and seth kawi that you did for him. I am very grateful to you..."

"Thank you very much for your support this year. It's been over a year since I met you, Thank you for all your wonderful appraisals. The content is well organized. Communication in English. The contents arranged in chronological order. Spiritual content. The essence of Ayurveda and the teachings of Buddhism. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much. I look forward to next year!!!"