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Horoscope Reading and Match Comparability Report

What’s planets had written on you, read your Future from ancient Science of the Light

Astrology Readings

Professional Sri Lankan Astrology Services

General Astrology Readings - For clients who don't need entire life reading, but need to check their birth chart on current planetary transits & need to focus on few areas in their life. This general reading is suitable for them. General readings send to you within 3 or 5 working days to your email address. You can ask only five questions on your horoscope. Normally this reading goes on two A4 size paper. Fees: USD 20 (Additional question is USD 5.) 

Horoscope Readings on Entire Life - Our astrology service gives you life readings which include about: Your character, strengths, weaknesses, Education, inborn skills, occupational paths, Love, marriage, family life, children, Enemies, sicknesses, negative karma forces, Money, houses, lands, foreign journeys, Positive karma forces, ways to develop them, Deva puja, gems, meritorious activities and you can ask any number of questions which were not included in the reading. Normally this reading goes on four A4 size papers. Birth Time Rectification is free for this reading. Fees: USD 55

Detailed Horoscopes Matching - Done via traditional sinhala astrological marriage analysis, such as: Analyzing with 20+8 porondam systems, Effects with Kuja/Shani/Ravi/Sikuru/Rahu/Ketu, Sudarsana Chakra checkings, Positive and negative planets combinations, Child problems & parenting problems, Sexual happiness, household life, family wealthy, Guidance for cure incompatibility areas. Marriage analysis report send to you within 2 or 3 working days via emailing. Normally this reading goes on two A4 size papers.
Fees: USD 55

Standalone Horoscope Creation (Manually) - If you want to create your birth chart without reading, creating chart is USD 22.

Birth Time Rectifications, Fees: USD 15 - If you need to rectify your birth time, please give us precise "Date, Month & Year" of five important events in your life such as child birth, marriage, accident, first job, lost job, winning competition, etc...

Auspicious Times - Preparing Suba Nakath (set Auspicious Times, Asters, Muhurta or use Electional Astrology) for tasks related to auspicious events such as marraige, building new house, learning new subject, first hair cutting of newborn & agriculture events. We can choose blessing letters and words for business brand names and baby names according to birth chart.
Fees: USD 12 - USD 20.

Seth Kavi / Remedial Verses - We create powerful remedial verses in Sinhala or English for worship your devoted deity, remove planetary malfunctions and achieve any blissful goal in your life. Fees: USD 30 - USD 40.

Steps For Acquire Our Astrology Services
  • Contact astrologer as mention in the Contact page for your requesting & checking time allocation. 
  • After confirmed, do your payments as below mentioned payment methods according to your requesting,
  • Then you can send us your following astrological, personal, payment and other details,
  • Astrological Details: Your birth day (YYYY/MM/DD), birth time (HH:MM:SS), birth country & birth town,
  • Personal Details: Your gender (male/female), mutual states (married/unmarried) & are you twins or not,
  • Payment Details: Scanned image of bank slip/draft or internet/mobile banking receipt.
  • Other Details: Questions want to ask related to your horoscopes (any number of questions in Entire Life),
  • Foreign Clients: Please inform us your normal residency city & country.
  • Preferred Language: You need to mention us version of the reading i.e. Sinhala or English.
  • If case is matching or porondam, your partner's birth day, birth time, birth country & birth town.
  • After that we send confirmation email related to your payment received and starting of your work.
  • Normally we send Horoscope Readings on Entire Life within two weeks since the day you settled payments.
  • Sometimes, it will late to reply your requesting about 7 hours for SMS and 2 days for emails.

Readings and Reports Sending Ways
  • Sinhala Version: Submit to your email address in PDF Format. (Both locals & foreigners)
  • English Version: Submit to your email address in PDF Format. (Both locals & foreigners)
  • Readings are only sending via one option among above two sending options.

Methods of Doing Payments
How We Send Payments From Foreign Counties?

Best option is using . You can do your payments from our profile. In this case you should pay USD amount as mention as above payment details section. Please contact us for get more details about paying with .

Since 2019/01/01 we don't accept payments via Western Union or such as money taking from agent ways. So you happen to directly credit your payment into our bank account at NSB bank. Lot of time you can use MoneyGram or Xoom money transferring services to credit your payment into our bank account. Otherwise you can tell your friend or relative in Sri Lanka to credit payment behalf of you or you may use internet/mobile banking facilities. In lot of countries there have money transferring agents whose transfer money into Sri Lankan bank accounts. Our fees are not included - international money transfer commission fees. You need to pay it separately.

Insight into Lanka Wisdom Astrology Readings
  • Analyzing your birth chart according to traditional astrological concepts use in Sri Lanka.
  • Using astrology theories of ancient seers as well as secret knowledge received from our Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.
  • Study your horoscope under 30 factors of planetary strengths & five factors of housing strengths.
  • Dasa systems (planetary periods) we using are: Vimsoththari and Kala-Chakra dasa systems, also consider transits of planets
  • Birthstones, gemstones and crystals for your success, for planetary malefic explications, consultation upon crystal bracelet and pendants...
  • Researching your chart with Bhava/Chalit Systems (edges of houses) for full yoga & strength analyzing.
  • Remedies only prescribe as Buddhist merit activities & simple divine rituals can be done by yourself.
  • Dream Analyzing - Sometimes your dreams may imply you forthcoming real incident as divine omen...
  • Spiritual Guidance - Another world service from us, guide you into spiritual development. Astrological consultation service combines with new age spirituality...
  • After gave your readings, We don't insist for holding spells & rituals or installing yantras.
  • Readings are preparing in manually by Mr. S.P.B.M Ranasinghe, NOT by computer software. To do advance and complex astrological and mathematical calculations, we use Vedic Astrology Software which is created by software engineers as well as prominent Indian astrologers.

Readings on Entire Life are provided to limited number of clients per month, so firstly contact us for timing. General readings can request at anytime. As well as occult divinations, we trust on mathematics & intuition for giving astrological readings. Research team at LankaWisdom.com do continuous researching in astrology & phenomenon of the parapsychology. For complete this type of reading I may need more time and it can't do hurry way. It will take two weeks or more for sending your reading after your payment.

Astrological Yantras and Buddhist Yantras (Amulets/Talismans)

We are creating powerful Astrological Yantras, Divine Yantra and Buddhist Yantras. Our yantras are especially focused for attract a particular god's attraction toward your life. We only create hand drawing traditional manner yantras under the rules of ola-leaf books. All yantras create for keeping in your altar at home, for wear, or keep in your purse (in coin size or atm-card size). You can light an incense stick, oil lamp, or candle to get more results. Yantras are prepared by the team who have meditative life, observing good precepts, whose have attunements from Sri Lankan ancient deities & researching mantra yantra science. Our yantras energize for lifelong acting and protect against foulness. Please visit Emo Tend Healing for more details...

Words from the Astrologer - Mr. S.P.B.M. Ranasinghe

I belong to the ancestral herbal medicine family in Gampaha District in Sri Lanka. I learned ancient astrology from various Vedic Astrology teachers, monks, and priests in Sri Lanka & India. They belonged to different astrology families and sects. Also, I studied and did many experiments on occult divinations used in many countries. I studied and analyzed many occult systems such as Akashic Records, Oracle Card Reading, Tarot Card Reading, Runes, Feng Shui & PyraVastu in Australia & India. My main hobbies are researching about gods and astrology. I had experience in providing paid astrological readings since 2008! My clients belong to Australia, the UK, India, Sri Lanka, Germany, the USA, Canada, UAE, Italy and many more countries.

In material side education, I hold two government diplomas (both are one year full-time) in computer programming. Since 2003 I worked as a software developer (Java, C# & VB.net), web developer (PHP-MySql), and technical officer (Electronics) in many private institutes. I'm a Sun Certificated Java Programmer (now renamed as Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer). Also, I studied Electronic Technology and web Development in Sri Lanka, Australia, and the USA. In school education, I had 5 distinctions O/L including Mathematics, and four Credit Passes in A/L for pure mathematics, applied mathematics, physics, and chemistry. I was selected to Rajarata University for Applied Science Degree. I'm working as a freelancer front-end web developer (SEO, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5) in the USA. So I have sound mathematical knowledge and a logical mind for providing astrological reading.