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Astrology Usage in Modern Life

Applications of the Vedic Astrology

Angels and Astrology

Planetary Malfunctions & Negative Karmic Forces

From astrology, we can determine the energy of our ancient karmic forces. Karma (also Kamma) means what we did in our reincarnations. We can analyze negative & positive karmic effecting periods from horoscope. With our karma, planetary negative or positive radiations effect on our life. In astrology, planets represent past karma forces & such radiations. Also with these radiations & according to our past karma, gods who are related to planets give their unkind or kind attractions to our life. Combining these three types of effecting periods is known as Dasa Periods. There have main dasa & sub dasa periods with each of planets. You need to consult a good astrologer to know your dasa periods.

Astrologers make Tathkala Birth Chart (Horary Chart) for answering only one question when a person asks that question from that astrologer. This is called as looking Nimiththa. Tathkala birth chart helps to determine how planets are going on current space & time according to the particular birth chart. Some astrologers have used the clock as tathkala birth chart. Also when one's birth time is unknown or needs to check one's birth time is correct or not, this tathkala birth chart & some other signs (such as random number, client's desired flower, etc...) are used by astrologers.

There have many birth chart reading ways in many countries & many cultures. People visit astrologers when they need to check their birth charts. However this is a mind science hence before you visit astrologer, you must do following meritorious activities to get better help from him:

  • Earlier day before visit astrologer, at evening do Bodhi Puja and give merits to all gods.
  • Since three days before visit astrologer, you must concentrate your mind from simple meditation.
  • It is good visit astrologers in morning times rather than after 12pm, but after 5pm is also good time period.
  • The day visit astrologer, at morning worship to triple gem and give merit to your guardian gods.
  • Ask less than three questions in clear mind from your astrologer.

It is a good parent must watch their child's birth chart from a good astrologer before the child grows older. Because we can realize a child's weak points, sicknesses, personality problems, and many more things. Then we can use various scientific, herbal & astrological remedies to reduce such negative effects. We had experienced a lot of people lost houses, properties, and higher education because they didn't watch their birth chart in small ages or before such a problem occurred. Some astrologers make fear people with their dasa periods. But in every negative effect have positive effects too. As an example, Moon’s main dasa & Mar’s sub dasa normally gives strong mental stresses. But we can use these sorts of periods to attain moral developments. There have religious methods for cut down negative dasa periods or their effects. However some powerful karmic forces can't cut down from anyway, so you need to accept those effects from the patient mind. In Sri Lanka, these activities belong to Buddhism. The below chart tells what sort of meritorious activities we want to do in dasa periods of each planet. For these activities, astrology uses many techniques for cut down negative karmic forces such as:

  • Use color theory: some colors link with planets and then motivate our brainpower & mind power.  When we offer particular colors of flowers and flags to Lord Buddha, Maha Sanga, Stupa, and Bodhi Tree then the same color aura is created around our astral body. Then this aura is acting as protecting layer and tuning with related radiation of planets and planetary deities.
  • Gaining big merits from Buddhism for reduce negative karmic forces. So it will make cover negative karma forces. Also it will help to invite powerful positive karmas from reincarnations. Bodhi Puja is such a common merit activity.
  • Gemstones and some crystals have collected cosmic energy as same as the energy level of planets. So we can use these stones to reenergize weak planetary energies. Gems must be weight at 2 carats to 6 carats. Normally we use platinum, gold, silver, and copper rings to locate such gemstones. Metal must tune with stone and then there has a certain finger to wear such astrological gem ring. Crystals which belong to chakras can wear as bracelets and pendants.
  • Wear Amulets (Yantras): adsorb positive radiations from planets, cut off negative planet radiations & attract things like as money, people, lands, removing marriage delay, etc...
  • Use Mantras, parittas or remedial verses: some sounds have ability for gain or attract positive things. 
  • Use Collyrium: From collyrium, we can know correct reason for our problems. There use mantras for absorb divine screen into crystals, oil lamp, water glass, water bottle, etc...
  • Get help from gods or goddesses who live near to planet earth. This is done when there have big negative karma forces which can't reduce with human powers. When you are in trouble, focus your mind to the centre of your forehead with your desired god's image and then ask for blessings from that god. You will experience something extraordinary to solve your problems.
  • Doing simple but powerful Mind-Body exercises (such as NLP and Law of Attraction Techniques) for get help from our own mind power.
  • Put water to particular trees: some trees have link with some planets & their radiations.
  • Listen to relaxation poems such as Buddhist Parittas or Vedic Mantras.
  • Some traditional astrologers get help from devils & hungry ghosts too, but this is not recommended. Cause some devils & ghosts can hunt your body & control or mix up your entire life.

Planets Activities advice to do at Dasa Periods according to Astrology used in Sri Lanka
Ravi Wear Gold ring of padmaraga stone (known as Padparadscha Sapphire) or Sunstone. Firstly wear in Sunday at 6-7AM in ring finger. Say loudly surya paritta in every morning at 6-7AM with knowing it's meaning.
Chandra Wear Silver ring of White Pearl. Firstly wear in Monday at 8-7PM in ring or index finger. Say loudly chandra paritta in every evening at 6-7PM with knowing it's meaning.
Kuja Wear Red Coral in Copper ring. Firstly wear in Tuesday at 8-7PM in ring or index finger. Do metta meditation everyday, help to injured poor person cause of an accident.
Budha Wear Silver ring of Emerald. Firstly wear in Wednesday at 6-7AM or 8-7PM in small finger. Do Atawisi Buddha Puja with lighting 28 oil lamps from sandalwood oils.
Guru Wear Gold ring of Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Topaz. Firstly wear in Thursday at 6-7AM in index finger. Give alms for Buddhist monks who do meditation & transfer those merit to gods.
Sikuru Wear Silver ring of Diamond or White Sapphire. Firstly wear in Friday at 6-7AM in middle finger. Offer white jasmine flowers to famous stupa or bodhi tree. Help to young people. Respect to girls. Donate cloths to poor girls.
Shani Wear Silver ring of Blue Sapphire. Firstly wear in Saturday at 8-7PM in middle finger. Observe five precepts very pure way & do bodhi puja in eight Saturdays. Give meals to black birds. Help to elder people.
Rahu Wear Silver ring of Hessonite. Firstly wear in Saturday at 8-7PM in middle finger. Do any meditation everyday & do bodhi puja even once a week.
Ketu Wear Silver ring of Cat's Eye Stone. Firstly wear in Tuesday at 8-7PM in ring or index finger. Read Buddhist & Psychological books, listen to Buddhist preaching. You want to clean your garden, house, rooms and your own body.

Horoscopes Matching for Happy Marriage

People like to match stars when they are going to marry. From astrology, we can reduce the powers of unmatching areas via little meritorious activities and from simple meditations. So no need to give up love affairs or destroy your family life cause of unmatching birth charts. From astrology, we can match both couple's character problems, parental problems, sexual problems, loving-kindness, house luck, and many more sections via their two birth charts. In Sri Lankan astrology uses 20 matching areas called as Porondams for matching couple birth charts. Also, astrologers need to check dasa periods, birth nakaths, and planets in birth charts. However important bhava places for marriage life are 2nd, 4th & 7th. Esp: 7th house says about marriage, life partners, sex, and mutual partnerships. 2nd house belongs to family wealth while a 4th house belongs to homes, lands & other properties. Therefore people who have negative planets such as mars, weaken moon, saturn, rahu or ketu in 7th house must need to consult their family astrologer before choosing their life partner.

Kuja Dosa (also known as Bhuma Dosa, Mangala Dosa, Angaara Dosa, etc.) is another weak point in natal chart which creates fatal problems in family life. To create kuja dosa, mars must be located in 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12. Mangala dosa person needs to marry another mangala dosa partner. (In some natal charts, this dosa can be cured cause of other planetary combinations as discussed in classical astrology texts.)

Here we need to point out, only 20 porondams or other planets matching are not enough for happy family life but also need good family handling skills such as knowing social problems, emotional control, offering time for each other, be a patient, understand other one's weaknesses & be a kind. Marriage is not a simple task, because we find someone as our partner who needs to stay a long time with us. So it is good we consulting our parents, elder ones & teachers for our marriage life as well as astrologers. Even there have fewer matchings in 20 porondams, but both partner's birth charts can have powerful planetary combinations which lead to happy family life. Each porondam said some facts related to our family life. As example:

  • Mahandra porondama said about future family conflicts cause of angry or proud.
  • Rruksha porondama said about children, parenting and body chemical nature for parenting.
  • Graha porandama said about how each others lovely attraction in family life.
  • Varna porandama said about each partner's unique skills need to family life such as cooking, talking, loving, etc...
  • Nadi porandama said each partner's body conditions for cure sicknesses such as chemical complex.
  • Ausha porandama tells about lifetime of marriage comparing with external conditions such as money.

House Science (Vastu Shashtra)

Another subject in astrology is from our birth chart we can determine how spaces are linking with our physical health, wealth, marriage, decision-making & businesses. Basic space is our home & then it extends into garden, land, ponds, in-house waterfalls, trees, etc. The way we keep our rooms, nature of house plans, and positions of household goods are influencing-decision making in our daily life. There have universal energy patterns which are we want to respect. These are magnetic, electric & spiritual energy patterns on planet earth combine with other planetary radiations. To correctly absorb positive energies from the universe, your land should be square or rectangle rather than other shapes. Therefore before making a house, it is good to design the right house plan according to the birth charts of your family members. Start to build a house at the auspicious time and do religious activities in the house help to cure malfunctions. Some trees absorb negative planet's radiations which are negative to your birth chart. Someone's minds confuse with seeing waterfalls or water flowers. Sometimes the colors of walls or tiles also help to make confuse our mind. These troubles can cure of mere meritorious activities and from simple meditations or mind power. So no need to change places, get sad or cut down trees. Vastu Shashtra is a bundle of such rules which were written by ancient mentors who have meditative mind powers & who can talk with higher-level spirits. These rules help to design a house without problems that come from planets, evils & natural energies. House problems or Vastu Dosha occurs when we neglect these basic rules. Some results of bad vastu dosha are:

  • House members become sick, esp. little children
  • Gloomy or dark scenery or feelings inside the home
  • Family problems occurred without clear reasons
  • Bad smells spread inside the house and garden
  • Decision making & children's education become unsuccessful

Also house problems come into our life cause of devils, hungry ghosts, household deities and spirits. Our death relations come to our homes then make problems until we give them merit transfers. Also causes of Spell Bindings (Bandana), jinx, or black magic, problems occur in household life. Spell Bindings are doing by jealous people via mantra sciences, by binding inhuman beings for trouble to you. A lot of times house problems takes place cause of cooking a large amount of meat, fish or eggs; bad smells; home is not clean; people behave opposite actions to five precepts & having a lot of pets. To remove these troubles we may need to stay with the metta mind, do Buddhist rituals & chant parittas inside a home, observe five precepts, give alms to monks at home, doing rituals for gods and keep sweet odors inside the house. Every Bandana must be cut in a Buddhist way or get help from gods. Otherwise house member's money, happy and health will destroy by low-level spirits till your lifetime over. Bahirawa Dosha (malfunctions of gnome, genie or elf) is also another trouble face by a lot of people. Bhahirawas are ghosts who are bound to some land via mantra science or another way by early kings or very rich people. So before residence in such lands, firstly we want to get permission from bahirawa ghosts. Good things are doing Bahirawa Puja (offerings and rituals for household deity or spirit) for him or use god's power & Buddhist meritorious activities for removing him from that bond. On the other hand, it is a merit activity which can earn merits for ourselves too. Here are some of vastu tips with model house plan:

Sample House Plan with few Vastu Tips

Auspicious Times (Muhurta, Electional Astrology, Nakshatras, Constellations or Asters)

Auspicious Times or Suba Nakaths are considering as best times for start special tasks. There have 28 Nakaths, but only 27 are used actively. Nakaths are stars other than the sun which include zodiac signs. These stars are located around the zodiac signs or with zodiac signs. Sri Lankan people use nakath times to start new tasks such as build a new house, teach the alphabet for newborn babies, marriage, going to a new job, start a business, first attaining of a girl (puberty), etc. In the universe, there have some periods which are considered as best times. Some times are steady times with fixed hour, minute & second, while some have periods such as half-hour. These every time belong to particular planets. Astrology use birth chart to determine such times. When someone was born, he got nakatha as same as Lagna. It is called as Birth Nakatha. Also in his or her birth chart, every planet has its nakaths. However for prepare right & pure nakath time, astrology considers where sun & the moon is in the sky on a related day. Because the moon is the best planet to determine nakath times. Moon represents a lower mind while the sun represents the upper mind. Both minds help to make success in our works. If you trust about nakath times it is good you use such auspicious times was created from a good astrologer. It was written that any bad times can destroy by starting work at the rising sun and stop at sunset. Also, your guardian gods or your liked gods can help you to succeed in your works. Lord Buddha said seen Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are the most auspicious time to Buddhist people. Also, birth nakatha is very important in matching stars for marriage. So, here are detailed table about main Sinhala Nakaths:

Sinhala Name English Name Related Symbol Ruling Planet Related Subjects
Asvidha Beta Arietis Head of Horse Katu Driving
Benara 35 Arietis Vagina Venus Agriculture
Kathi Eta Tauri Chopper Sun Engineering
Rehena Aldebaran Cart Moon Economics
Muwasirasa Lambda Orionis Head of Deer Mars Astrology
Ada Alpha Orionis Gem Rahu Martial Arts
Punawasa Beta Geminorum Big House Jupiter Modern Medicine
Pusha Delta Cancri Arrow Saturn Playing Music
Aslisa Alpha Hydoe Circle Mercury Herbal Medicine
Maa Regulus Small House Katu History & Religion
Puwapal Delta Leoris Large Bed Venus Mantra Science
Utrapal Beta Leonis Little Bed Sun Logics 
Hatha Delta Corvi Hand Moon Mathematics
Sitha Spica Virgins Pearl Mars Paintings
Saa Arcturus Corel Rahu Cookery
Visaa Alpha Libroe Pandol Jupiter Astronomy
Anura Delta Scorpio Wave Saturn Industrial Law
Deta Antares Ear Rings Mercury Civil Law
Mula Lambda Scropi Tail of Lion Katu Para Medicine
Puwasala Delta Sagittari Tusk Venus Dive & Chemistry
Uturusala Sigma Sagittari Bed in North Sun Music & Dance
Abhijith ↑ +++ ↓ Monk ↑ +++ ↓ Religious Works
Suwana Alpha Aquiloe Flying Object Moon Philosophy
Denata Beta Delphinum Walking Stick Mars Statistics
Siyawasa Lambda Aquarius Ellipse Rahu Veterinary
Puwaputupa Alpha Pegasi Bed in South Jupiter Gems & Gold
Utraputupa Gema Pegasi Twins Saturn Army & Weapons
Rawathi Zeta Piscum Drum Mercury Divinity & Buddhism

However from our experiences, we can say about starting something in best auspicious times means not to 100% success that task. It finds out a positive karmic period as suggestions that it can succeed even 60%. To succeed in some tasks we need clear planning, continually maintaining, good management skills, a positive mind, and steady courage. With nakath times, it is good to starting particular tasks with your religious activities such as:

  • Worship triple gems & observe five precepts.
  • Give donations to Buddhist monks as blessing.
  • Give some donations to poor family who have children.
  • Say Parittas: such as Mangala Sutra, Karaniya Metta Sutra, Ratana Sutra.
  • Give merit to gods then ask blessings, do deva puja then ask help from your liked gods or goddesses.
  • Get advices from successful person who did same task before.
  • Do truth actions via truth of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, that your new tasks may become success!

Dream Analysis and Guardian Angels
Dream Analysis and Guardian Angels

People see dreams every night. Some dreams see because of our lost life goals, another type of dreams saw the cause of sicknesses or climate changes. But Divine Dreams see after midnight between 1am to 6am. These dreams are messages from gods or inhuman creatures such as hungry ghosts or devils who are friendly with you. They make you saw dreams about your plans, coming troubles, new ideas, and remedies for current problems. Sometimes our mind power makes show us dreams about our future according to our past life karmic forces. Our past lives relations, teachers, and friends who did more merits than us might bear as gods or goddesses. Those gods are looking at us then help us by telling our future troubles in dreams. These gods are called Ishta Devatha, Kula Devatha, or Guardian Angels. We had met a lot of people, who saw guardian angels in their dream. Some were seen as dead relations as they stayed way such as wearing normal clothes when they stay with us before their deaths. Some were seen as wearing white cloths, white radiation, sometimes connect with us only via their voices; rare times wearing clothes of luminous colors of yellow, pink, orange, blue, light green, etc. From our birth chart, we can guess whether we can encounter helping from guardian angels. These guardian angels help us to do merits, observe precepts & remove evil effects. So if we don't do those merit activities they go away from us. Our experiences show sometime guardian angels help even we live in other countries. When we face some problems or earn good achievements shortly, they show it as omens in dreams. Natures of omens are varying from person to person. Someone sees white omens for positive gaining while others see white omens for negative things and vice versa. A good remedy is writing down your dreams in a separate book then compare with your especial incidents in the timeline. Here we are giving some examples for such omens:

Negative Omens: Dirty or uncanny water, extinction of oil lamp, white snakes, bathing, black cats, devils, etc... 
Positive Omens: White clean water, trees with full of fruits & flowers, big wide roads, nice house, rainbow, etc...

For see Astrological Dream you can do this simple activity, 20 minutes before your sleep. In the same day or near future you will see some omen in the dream which is related to your problem:

  • In your house, keep white color Buddha statue in your worshiping area. (Firstly clean the area well.)
  • Offer white color flowers (best: nine white water lotus), light incense sticks and light king coconut oil lamp.
  • Worship triple gems in well manner and chant Karaniya Metta Sutra three times.
  • Now little time such as 5 minutes do breathing meditation.
  • Now imagine white color two light globes, on your top of the head and on your hearth area.
  • imagine golden color (also can rose color or white color) light circle around your whole body.
  • Now recall some merit activity which was done by yourself. (such as alms giving.)
  • Transfer that merits to your guardian angels or your most respected god. (imagine picture of god.)
  • Now think about only one question which bother you and ask remedies from that god. (think about 5 minutes)
  • Again little time such as 5 minutes do breathing meditation.
  • Now peaceful way stop this task and come into normal mental state. You can go out from worshiping area.
  • Before sleep, relax your mind from silent music or asking parittas. 

Sound Science (Seth Kavi - Remedial Verses)

There have spiritual powers in some sounds and some words. These powers can be intended for positive or negative tasks. As an example sound of "s" & "san" consider as sounds of gods. It means gods like to these sounds. Word "Sasata" consider as such positive words. In Sri Lanka, people say poems that have such positive sounds for getting attraction from gods & bless oneself. Those are called as Seth Kavi or Remedial Verses. Sound "Ru" is considered as negative sound & therefore word such as "Ruddha" consider as a negative word. Those negative sounds help to get attraction from ghosts & devils. Also, such sounds can destroy the properties of family members. Mantra are combination words of such powerful sounds & words. Some astrologers use mantras of such negative sounds to bond ghosts & devils then those evil beings are used to doing some bad works. But from powerful positive mantras, we can attain or attract money, properties, happy & authority. Below have such a poem that has a lot of positive sounds. It used to get the attraction of gods in Saturn & remove negative radiations comes from that planet,

Nìlànjana samàbhasan - Ravi pruthan yamà gajan
Chàyà murtundha sambutan - Tannamàmi shanashawaram!

Sometimes such mantra with had sounds of gods uses to invite gods. Saying these mantras or recall these mantras help to get the attraction of relevant gods. These are called as inviting mantras or Deva Aradana or Deva Namashkara Gatha. These mantras have first two or three sentences which are described the power of gods, his duties then final sentence invites to come into flower sheets. Sri Lankan people build flower sheets in stool or table for gods, when they invite gods. This stool or table is called as Mal Asana. You can say such mantra after the divine offering. Below have such inviting mantra for a god of Sumana Saman who is a protecting god of Samankuta mountain in Sri Lanka:

Sri munindra pàdha padma sanràshshana dàran
Sri samantha kuta vàsha sàsanópakaran
Sri samantha deva raja swarna chàpa hàstan
Sri viràja màna pushpa àsana pravishthan!

Sri Lankan people use sound science when they put the name for newborn babies, create the name of the new business or organization, write a new script, song or book, etc. In this case, the first letter is chosen according to sound science, birth nakatha & birth chart. As example name for the newborn is must be accomplished with inborn skills in birth charts, attracts wealth, destroys sicknesses in the horoscope, having positive meaning & not contain negative sounds. Following facts are needed to care, when we wish to create positive name:

  • Horoscope of the owner who is related to name must have enough power to handle this name.
  • Name must have ability to attract wealth, success & good health towards owner.
  • Name must destroy weaknesses in owner's birth chart.
  • Name must have colorful meaning to owner according to his culture, religion & country.
  • Full name or combination of all words in name, must be satisfied to rules of sound science.

Buddhist Parittas (Gatha and Pirith)

Lord Buddha introduced Gatha (Poems) and Paritta (Truth Actions) for gain protection to Buddhist people, which are considered as more powerful than all kind of mantras. Because these verses have the power of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha. Parittas have truth actions which mean from the truth of virtue powers of Buddha, Dharma & Sangha, wishing actions to be occurred such as blessings or removing life problems. Gatha is poems that have noble worshiping verses & characteristics of tipple gems. Some gathas or parittas were teaching of Lord Buddha so-called as Sutras or Sutta. We have experienced; also gods are told to us that Ratana Sutra & Jalanandana Paritta, can dispose of any powerful spells created from mantras or can remove problems originated via ghost or devils. We can remove our pains from chanting such kinds of gathas in our home, under the Bodhi Tree, and near some shrines. You can offer flowers, light oil lamps & light odors to Buddha in such place then concentrate your mind to virtue powers of Buddha about a few time such as 15 minutes, then you can chant some gathas. Also, you can chant Karaniya Metta, Maha Mangala & Ratana sutras in every day in your room early in the morning or evening. It will bless you, your family & your house also can remove sicknesses and can succeed in all of your works. When we researched about gods in 2007, Gana God came and said to us, Maha Mangala Sutra has the ultimate power to cut off any negative spells, black magic & sorceries which were done by low caste sorcerers. For that case, you need to chant this sutra 3 times in the evening times.

Following Buddhist gatha, also called Buddhist Mantra can be used to remove any problem in your life. It is called as All Buddha's Gatha. (Meaning of this gatha is: Avoid all evil, Cultivate good, and Cleanse one's mind. This is the teaching of every Lord Buddhas!). For get more results from this gatha, you must chant or recall this gatha 108 times between 5am to 7am or 6pm to 8pm,

Sabbapàpassa akaranam - Kusalassa upasampadà
Sacittapariyodapanam - Etan Buddhànu sàsanan!

Other powerful Buddhist gathas & parittas are:

  • Buddha worshiping gatha called as "Itipiso Bhagawan Arahan..." for own safeness & remove phobias.
  • Rathnamala Bandana Gatha which have only god's sounds for family wealth & attain god's attractions.
  • Jaya-Mangala Gathas for attain victory and success auspicious tasks.
  • Kanda Paritta for remove problems from snakes and other painful animals.
  • Mora Paritta for own safeness from every enemies.
  • Wattaka Paritta for safe from fires or bombs.
  • Karaniya Metta Sutra for remove evil troubles & become friendly with gods.
  • Maha Mangala Sutra for all protections, success & wealth.
  • Ratana Sutra for remove evil troubles, sicknesses and other environmental disasters.
  • Atawisi Paritta for all success, earn good health and family wealth, etc... 
  • Dasa Disa Paritta for cure severe life problems and attain guardian god's succor.
  • Bojjangha Paritta for cure serious sicknesses and remove pains from sicknesses.
  • Jala-Nandana Paritta for cut down all type of negative effects which are created by Mantra Science.
  • Atanatiya Paritta for remove painful effects from ghosts, devils & other all type of evil powers.
  • Anathma Lakkana & Damsak Pawatum sutras for develop your wisdom & attract wise gods.
  • Jaya Paritta for every success in attain god's succor, wealth, good health & every happy.
  • Maha Samaya Sutra for attract powerful Buddhist gods & goddesses.
  • Mara Tathgganiya Sutra for remove evil effects from inhumans called as Mara.
  • Namo Buddhddhaya verse for own safeness from every enemies and devil troubles.

Collyriums - The Light Reading

Collyriums employ in every country related to parapsychological researches. In western countries use crystals, the Asia-Pacific region uses candles while Sri Lanka uses oil lamps with water glass, herbal leaves applied plate & white flowers. Collyriums are used physical objects to know anyone's real problem & the root cause of that problem. In this case, some mantras chant into an object then invite some ghost, devil, or gods to show related problems via that object. Sometimes client's lower mind connects via collyrium then gets details. Then astrologer or another person can see all things lively via collyrium. Everyone can’t see via collyrium, but this is an art so need to develop a mind for it. People who are so kind, if their birth chart's Sun and Ketu are so powerfully located in 1-4-7-10-5-9 houses then they can see collyriums simply. This is like as divine-eye. In Sri Lanka, this is called as watching Anjanama or Aduna. When use candle, lamp, crystal, or glass it is called Light Reading. Another name for this task is Oracle. This is the best way to cure our problems as an esoteric method. But sometimes Inhumans such as Mara, hungry ghosts, or some devils are misleading us via light reading by showing they are real gods. Hence you must careful to find out places where you go to watch collyriums. Check person (soothsayer) who work in those places, is observing precepts well, does Buddhist merit activities well, or even stay under Buddhism. Also don't accept everything is as truths which are seen things via collyriums. Use those predictions as mental plans about your future. Some places give Herbal Medicine via collyriums, in that case before taking such medicines, ask from experienced Ayurvedic physician whether those medicines are valid according to traditional Ayurveda. So collyriums or light reading has many benefits such as:

  • We can see inhuman world and talk with gods, devils, ghosts, etc... 
  • If there have spell bindings, we can determine all details related to spells with bounded inhumans.
  • Can see underground lucks, hidden lucks, vastu dosha, bahirawa dosha, etc... (Should not use for illegal things.)
  • Good media for research about inhuman world & heavens (parapsychological researches).
  • We can friend with gods and talk with our guardian gods via light reading.

Amulets (Talismans or Yantras)

We can enter the power of mantras, gathas or parittas into physical objects such as thread, sand, gem, water, metals such as copper, gold, silver, etc. Those are called Amulets, Talismans, or Yantras. For enter power of such mantras, firstly we must make amulet "live" for some time. This time can vary for a few minutes to live long. This action is called as make amulet into Prana. Then we can chant that gathas or mantras continually such as 108 times, 1000 times or 10,000 times. This task is done to make amulet energize. Traditional word for energizing amulet is Siddi or Gewam. Before energizing amulet, we need to clean the room, put some sweet odors into a room such as a jasmine, worship to triple gem, get the attraction of gods & make amulet clean. To clean the amulet, we must energize it with powerful mantras of expulsion against foulness. But Buddhist mantras, gathas & parittas no need such a cleaning. Because of the power of triple gems, any foulness can be removed. If we don't do cleaning the amulet, its power can be lost cause of funerals, dirty environments, alcohols, eating meats, etc. After clean the amulet, we can make it energize with particular mantras. So before you make amulets from astrologers, you must ask to clean it to use any place without its power loss. Some people like to wear amulets & some are keeping it inside the home. Amulets are normally used to get attractions of gods, attract wealth, cure diseases, cut down negative radiations of planets, etc. Popular Buddhist Amulet is Siwali Yantra which is used to gain family wealth. From our experiences, it is good keeping metal amulets at home. Paritta treads can be worn in hand or around the neck. Also, it is good to use paritta's threads which are chanted by virtuous Buddhist monks. You can keep Buddhist amulets in your home such as Rathnamali, Ratana, Siwali, Nawaguna, Jalanandana, Dasa-Disa, etc. In Sri Lanka, people put amulet into a talisman and wear around the neck. Some are wearing around the hip or hand.

For attain maximum benefit from Astrological Yantra such as Lashmi Yantra, you must place it in your divine worshiping area. Then you can offer flowers, light incense sticks, and light oil lamps near yantra. Also, keep a pure water cup near it. Then you can talk with your yantra and ask for help from yantra. Remember yantra is a live object, so it can listen to you and friendly with you. Yantra wears in the neck or keeps in a purse, also must do this treatment at least once a week.

You also can create simple but powerful Buddhist Amulet. For this task, you need a sandalwood stick of 6cm long, 108 jasmine flowers, sandalwood oils, and incense sticks. Here are steps:

  • Offer jasmine flowers, light incense sticks & light oil lamps for Lord Buddha in a cleanroom. (If you do this in your room, first of all, you must clean your room. Also, you need to stay away from eating meat, fish & eggs three days before doing this puja. You want to brush your teeth and wash your mouth. Wash & clean your body.)
  • After that worship triple gem from related gathas.
  • Then give merits to your guardian gods and other all deities who were respected by yourself.
  • After that recite Karanita-Metta, Ratana & Mangala sutras.
  • Then little time like 10 minutes do some simple meditation.
  • Take sandalwood into your hand, close it to your mouth then chant above All Buddha's Gatha about 108 times.
  • After that keep that sandalwood near the jasmine flowers.
  • Continually do these actions 11days.
  • So now your sandalwood energized into more than 1008 times, which can be used as powerful amulet.
  • You can keep this amulet in your room, house and even your upper pocket for your protection.