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Vedic Astrology – inside Horoscope - 02

Astrological pattens in Birth Chart

Planetary combinations in Astrology

Planetary Combinations (Part Two)

  • House: If Venus is in 1st house, Sun is in 3rd house, Jupiter is in 5th house and also Mars is in 6th house or Saturn is in 11th house in Horary Chart when house building at very auspicious time then that house last longing more than 200 years.
  • Children: If couple does sexual intercourse in 5, 9, 15 day from menstruation then they will get female children and if they do it in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 day from menstruation then they will get male children. Vedic hour should belong to Moon, Venus or Jupiter in Horary Time.
  • Medicine: In Sundays and Thursdays if someone born when Sun with Jupiter in same house then they can be medical specialists. Jupiter and Sun want to be powerful state in blissful houses for better results.
  • Blood Pressure: Mars and Saturn combination creates high blood pressure, Mars and Kethu combination gives low blood pressure while Mars and Rahu create blood poison or allergic.
  • Metta: If 6th lord is staying with natural benefits and also natural benefits give aspect to 6th lord then he can forgive any enemy and success in metta meditation. He has loving kindness.
  • Marriage: If 7th lord is staying with 9th lord then couple may have same age. They respect each other. They can success cause of their union.
  • Stress: If 8th lord is staying with 3rd lord then that one get stresses and mind is always confuse. They need counseling and guidance from good mentor for success their life. Moon is staying in 3rd house also gives same effects.
  • Sad: When natural malefics are staying in 4th, 8th and 12th houses then that person doesn’t get any happy in their life. They create conflicts in social life then get unhappiness. They don’t have any peace in mind.
  • Nice House: When 9th lord is staying with Venus then gets nice house. They can visit nice places and nice countries. Tourist combination.
  • Past Life Bonds: When 7th lord is staying with 1-4-7-10 and 5-9 lords or 7th lord is located in 1-4-7-10 and 5-9 houses then they meet soul partners either marriage or associations. Those people came from many lifetimes together.
  • Decisions: If Moon link with each other via aspect, combination or constellation with Mercury then those people can take right decisions in daily life. If both planets are highly powerful state then they can be good decision makers and great philosophizers.
  • Mother: If 4th house has natural benefits and 7th has natural benefits then horoscope owner’s mother can stay luxury way and she has long lifetime. Mother and child has good loving bond.
  • Changing: If 4th house and 1st house are moving signs then that person happen to change his residency many times in his life. Either for job or house, he happens to change. At Saturn malfunction periods he suffer from such moving hanging on their household goods.
  • Suicide: Moon and Rahu are staying in 6th, 8th and 12th houses give tendency to suicide and if they get aspect from malefics then situation can be worse. This combination gives mental illnesses.
  • Accidents: Combination of Mars with Rahu or Saturn with Rahu in 8th and 12th houses give tendency for road accidents. They should take careful while driving.
  • Spouse: Natural benefits in 3rd house and 11th house give good life partner. But they should not link with malefics or get aspect from malefics. They can take a nice wedding ceremony.
  • Financial: Makra Lagna (Capricorn) people have good economic management in their life and they try to finish their projects without stop cause of difficulties.
  • Women: When Mars is in 7th house in positive state then such women get seductive breasts and well curved hips with back. They give active sexual pressure to their partner.
  • Sports: Scorpion people are good at sports and they like to do adventurous activities. They can throw away their objections and will to go forward. They are hard talkers.
  • Sex: Rahu is in 7th house or link to 7th house gives likeness to modern day sexual activities such as sex with using sex toys and they like to experience new dimensions in sex. They read books related to erotic pleasure.