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Planets in Astrology and What they mean to us

Receiving Energies of the Natural Benefic Planets according to New Age Astrology

Moon in Astrology, lunar Meditations and Simple lunar Rituals

The Moon: a key to Success

Astrology is the discipline that studies the influence of stars on human life and the events of history. The stars that most influence humans are the Sun and Moon. The Sun determines our personality and how we relate to others. The Moon tells us about each person's emotional world. The Moon is the closest star to human reality. In fact, this element influences women's health, crops, tides, even beauty treatments, among other aspects. We can use the powerful influence of the Moon to achieve success, according to the Moon phase.

New Moon: This phase is ideal for starting new businesses and projects. This is the perfect time to devise and organize that project that we are so excited about. Starting a business under the New Moon phase accelerates the achievement of the proposed goals.

New Moon Meditation and Simple Ritual

Your meditation should be focused on clearing your mind, letting go of all negative thoughts. Then focus on your goals and then feel gratitude for everything you are going to accomplish. Write on a piece of paper all the features of your ideal job, then fold that paper and put it under your pillow. Then read it every morning when you wake up and at night before bed.

Crescent Moon: Meditation and Simple Ritual

This phase is ideal to work hard for your goals, because during this period the mind is more lucid than ever, and wise decisions are made. Your meditation should be focused on developing and enhancing your inner balance, in order to have an increasingly intense spirituality. Light a yellow candle and focus your eyes on the flame of the candle. As you do so, you see all the success you want to have. At the end, thank you for what you'll accomplish.

Full Moon: Meditation and Simple Ritual

This is the ideal time to show and showcase your projects to others. You can do this through social media or specific events. It's time to show off your work. During the Full Moon the mood is too exalted, therefore your meditation must focus on a deep relaxation so that you control your emotions. During the night, stop and look at the Full Moon and tell aloud or thinking, "May your strength help me get... (say your wish)". Then thank the Moon for what you're going to get.

Waning Moon: Meditation and Simple Ritual

This lunar phase serves to eliminate from our lives anything that no longer serves us. This is the ideal time to give up a job or terminate a business relationship. While meditate you must empty your mind of negative thoughts and replace each of them with positive thinking. Write on a piece of paper everything you want to take out of your life, then burn that paper and throw the remains in the trash.

Jupiter in Astrology and Simple Jupiter Rituals

The Power of Jupiter

Jupiter is usually considered as the mentor of planets, including many key traits such as hope, gratitude, honor, morality, and law. The Importance of Jupiter in Western Astrology: In Western astrology, Jupiter is usually associated with good luck, growth and bounty. It's also associated with mercy, a good sense of humor as well as goodwill. However, more negative manifestations of it include things like excess, overindulgence, ill will and irresponsibility. The Importance of Jupiter in Vedic Astrology: In Vedic astrology, Jupiter comes with a great significance. Its power makes people rich, cultured, wiser, educated, kinder and spiritual. Oftentimes, it's also called Brihaspati or Guru. It's a symbol of prayer, worship as well as devotion. A planet Guru is considered an amazingly effective planet in a birth chart as well as inimical to a planet Venus. It's also connected to both kids and wealth and that's exactly the reason as to why it's called a significator of wealth as well as children. When this planet is strong, the native will be blessed with wealth, spiritual success, and children.

Using The Power of Jupiter for Success in Career Life

As a planet of both expansion and success, Jupiter helps in making everything in one's life bigger, covered in both faith and optimism. Under Jupiter's influence, a native starts making the right decisions as well as attaining a decent education. And if it is situated in very favorable conditions in your horoscope, your career will surely gain momentum while getting positive professional results. Every time Jupiter gets placed in a person's birth chart, they'll feel hope and empowerment alongside excitement. And when they start feeling stuck or disempowered in their career journey, all they need to do is to embrace one's natal Jupiter more. Why? Because it'll help in getting back on track since it closely works with a person's soul purpose.

Using The Power of Jupiter for Success in Children's life

In Vedic astrology, this planet is ruler of education as well as knowledge. And when it's posited in positive houses with a lord of the fifth house, it starts bestowing great results in the domain of education. All of these mean that planet Jupiter has a great influence on the education success in children's life as well as the overall success. Mercury is also considered as a symbol of intelligence and for good educational achievements, it needs to be well placed in a horoscope. As can be seen, Jupiter holds great power and significance in both Western and Vedic astrology. Make sure that your connection with it remains strong so that your life will be full of success and prosperity. 

Mercury: a powerful tool for our Education

Astrology is a discipline that studies the influence of the stars on human life. This discipline is pragmatic and represents a powerful tool for personal development. An important element in astrology is the position of the planets in the birth chart. The planet Mercury is especially important to achieve success in our education. Mercury is the archetype of learning, intellect, and communication. In daily life this planet expresses itself through language and reasoning. It also refers to the way we communicate with others and our ability to solve problems. As tool for our education, Mercury dominates the intellectual aspect of the human being; therefore we can use this influence to succeed in our education. Through the study of our birth chart we can know where Mercury is positioned, which will tell us how to make the most of our intellectual potential. That information will tell us what we need to develop our intellectual talent, how to better communicate our ideas and how we can learn better and faster. Knowing this information will allow us or our children to perform better in school or college. It also helps us to choose the most appropriate college career for our personality.

Business: Mercury also governs the world of business, the ability to reach commercial agreements and the application of correct marketing strategies. This planet speaks of our astuteness in dealing with complex situations. If an individual takes full advantage of Mercury's virtues, he can succeed in whatever he sets out to do. This planet provides the best tools to solve problems quickly and make smart arguments. These qualities can be applied in the academic world, as it will allow us to quickly incorporate new knowledge.

Developing our potential: Mercury has incredible virtues that can help us extract all our intellectual potential. First we can study Mercury's position in our birth chart and see how we can apply those virtues in our education. We can also harness the power of Mercury through rituals to be done during the crescent moon. to get the intellectual virtues we want to have (smart ideas, mental speed, understanding, etc.). We stayed like this for a few minutes and then we blow out the candle. Repeat this ritual until you get the desired virtues.

Astrology with Venus, Angels and Fairies

Venus: a Love Message

Astrology is the science serves for self-awareness and to know others. One of the areas of life that matters most to people is love. Fortunately, astrology can be a great guide for those who want to find true love. The planet Venus rules love. This planet is named after Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology), the goddess of love and beauty. If we want to have a fulfilling love life, we must know all that Venus means in everyone’s life.     

The Way of Love: Venus points to an individual's loving behavior throughout his or her life. In women this planet indicates how she lives her feminine essence, her aesthetic style and the model of woman who aspires to be at some point in her life. In the man indicates what kind of woman he likes and the virtues he hopes to find in a woman. In both genres Venus points us how we live the romanticism, pleasure, and sensuality when we are in a relationship.

Venus guides us to find love: Venus has all the information about love. Through the study of our birth chart we can know the position of this planet: what sign it is, how we express love, what kind of couple we tend to choose, what kind of people we attract etc. It also tells us the mistakes we make in love, but it also tells us the best way to avoid them. To make the most of this information, we must carefully study the messages Venus has for us.

Ritual for Venus

Fortunately, we can get the help of Venus through rituals in daily life. The next ritual is to have a happy love life. Under the waxing moon phase on a Friday night, we will venerate Venus, the goddess of love. We simply need to light a pink candle and do a brief meditation about the ideal relationship we want to experience. Then let us recite the following sentence (you can read): "Beautiful Venus, I ask you to help me find a person with whom I can have a happy relationship, where there is love and fidelity. I want that relationship to be strong and stay together forever. Thank you, beautiful Venus, for listening to my request and I hope that soon that incredibly special person will come into my life." Then blow out the candle and keep the conviction that your wish will come true, because that is what will happen.

Fairies: They want to help You

The New Age is a spiritual movement that came along with the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. The New Age is a philosophical trend that focuses on optimism and conviction that can always be better. For this It resorts to traditions and beliefs of East and West, which anyone can turn t to improve their quality of life. Fairies, tree spirits, nature spirits and elves are elemental beings of nature that are always available to help humans, as long as they are invoked in the right way. Angels also exist to assist people, although they are not elementary beings. They are heavenly beings of infinite goodness, intermediaries between heaven and human beings. To get their help, we must call upon them correctly, so that they can participate in our lives. Fairies are elementary beings best predisposed to communicate with humans. That's why they can help you to succeed in any area of life. For them to fulfill our desires, we must ask to be well specific and make one wish at a time. They love to fulfill desires, because they like people to be happy.

Ritual for Fairies

The best time to summon them is at night, a while before bed. It's best to lie in bed, in a meditative state, with tour eyes closed, as if you were praying. Imagine you enter a beautiful forest and walk inside it. Then you stop and say this phrase, so that your fairy will appear: "Beautiful fairy, I invoke you to be in my life and you can grant me the desire to.... (here you say your wish)." Imagine that your fairy appeared in front of you and smiles at you. Then you say goodbye with this phrase: "Thank you for answering my call, beautiful creature. I hope to see you again soon." Imagine she disappears. Now you can open your eyes and feel the gratitude that you were able to communicate with your fairy. You can go to sleep with the certainty that she will fulfill your wish.

An important thing to do: to summon fairies you must pay homage to them with offerings. You must place in a room a table where you will put a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a container of milk, another with honey and fruits. Then light a white candle and set the room with music of sweet melodies. Fairies will be happy to visit your home and fill you with blessings. When your fairy has already fulfilled your first wish, you can ask for the following wish by repeating this ritual.

How we link and Heal with the help of Angels

Have you ever wondered, what are angels? what do they do? how do they help us? Well, angels are celestial and divine beings created by God, they are his messengers. Unlike us, angels don't have a physical body, they manifest in various forms, sometimes in the shape of a person, other times as creatures with wings. They live in heaven or the spirit realm. Additionally, angels are spiritual beings possess incredible and unmeasurable power. Angels on the new age spirituality exist to guide you through your spiritual growth journey, they also help to increase your awareness. Angels on the new age are seen as mysterious characters full of love and joy. As you could have guessed, these beings have specific roles. There are a lot of angels and they each are messengers of God. Most of us are assigned two angels when we are born, they guard us until the very day we leave this world. Rumor has it that if you experience a heavy feeling out of the blue, it means that several angels are around you.

Get help from Angels

Then, how do we link with angels? There are several ways you can connect with your angels. For example, you can call them and ask for help, you might not believe this, but angels are always around you, they are just waiting for you to ask for help so they can guide you through the situation. If that doesn't work, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and tell your angels what you want them to help with. Another thing you can do is to listen and be aware, angels always respond to our calls, we just need to listen and see the signs. Other people prefer to connect using a different method, crystals. After sending a call of help to your angels, you can use several crystals to connect even better with them. You just need to either set the crystal on an angel altar or keep it near you. I made a list for you of the crystals that are best to connect with angels.

Amethyst, Apophyllite, Angelite, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz

Angels not only help us during our hardships but also heal us with their power, you can do this with meditation. By meditating and connecting with your angels, you let then restore and heal your energy. After our healing sessions with out angels, we will feel more calm, relaxed, and we will feel a tremendous inner peace. You only have to sit down in a quite and peaceful place, close your eyes and invoke the energy of your angels, take deep breaths while meditating and simply let their power heal you.

By Brian Ranasinghe

Author belonged to an ancestral herbal medicine family in Sri Lanka. He learned ancient astrology from various teachers in Sri Lanka & India. He is working as freelancer web developer in USA.

Last updated: 2023 January 21th