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Healing Properties of the Spiritual Rocks

Removing the toxic work environment and gaining motivation with Crystal Magic

Crystals for Productivity, Gems for Motivation and Healing

Crystals and Gems throughout History

Recent years have seen more and more people, both young and old, become aware of the metaphysical properties of crystals, and how they can use them to enhance their life. This article takes an in-depth look at crystals and gems, starting with how they were used throughout history, and how they are now being used to bring success and abundance to everyday peoples' lives. When we consider crystal healing properties, ancestral herbal medicine systems and Ayurveda systems still practice in rural villages in India and Sri Lanka use the elixirs of certain crystals to prepare the herbal medicine. Also, they use to keep certain gemstones near physical organs to cure illnesses. In such a case, before use to prepare medicine they wash those crystals from rose water, certain herbal oils, and plant-based congees. This is done to remove impurities in crystals and increase crystal healing properties. Sometimes they use ancient spells and chants to charge energy into crystals to boost crystal healing properties. These rituals are done in waxing moon periods. Because ancient people believe waxing the moon can energize stones. So in new age circles, practitioners use these methods to energize crystal healing properties. New age practitioners use Einstein's most famous equation that describes the link between energy and mass, to show that how the color of certain crystals affects to physical body and energy body. Even some scientists had used crystals to boost their invention power.

Humans have had a fascination with crystals ever since the beginning of their existence, with evidence of amulets and talismans dating back to some of the first human civilizations. It is clear that humans have long believed in the power of crystals and gems, and they have used them for a wide variety of reasons throughout the passage of time. When we talk about different types of crystals, some gemstones help to emit feminine energy. These crystal gems are not good for male people who use their male personalities in working places such as people who work in forces and teachers. The best example of these kinds of gemstones is rose quartz, moonstone, and pearl. However, these types of crystals help to grow loving-kindness inside us and reduce aggressive nature. When talking about crystals for beginners best gemstone is rose quartz that helps to find the correct lover. Moonstone has feminine energy but the acting a different way in the waxing moon period and waning moon period. The waning moon period creates stress and confuses our minds. Moonstone emits male energy in the waning moon period. So crystal names, how to use crystals, crystal meanings and uses are important before using healing stones. When talking about crystals for beginners should consult healing crystals guide before using any healing stones. Better they consult experienced mentors.

The History of spiritual rocks as Amulets and Talismans

Some of our first historical references to crystals being used as amulets and talismans comes from humanity's ancient civilizations. One of the oldest recorded civilizations, the Ancient Sumerians, are known to have included crystals in their "magic rituals" - demonstrating that humans have long known about the metaphysical powers of these stones. Crystals for negative energy removal use as amulets and positive energy crystals use as talismans. In this case, good crystals for beginners are yellow jasper that can use as an amulet for removal of your illnesses and reduce seeing your doctor. Owyhee blue opal healing crystal necklace can be used to reduce social disgrace caused by your bad speech. Red-brown agates can be used as positive energy crystals to increase your fertility when you are hoping baby. What crystals are good for protection?

The Ancient Egyptians were also known to have worn jewelry made with energy stones such as lapis lazuli, clear quartz, emerald, turquoise and carnelian, and carved into the stones to create amulets. The Ancient Egyptians are thought to have believed that these crystals provided them with protection and health benefits, using energy stones such as topaz or peridot to combat night terrors and exorcise evil spirits. They also used vibrantly-colored gems such as Malachite on their eyes as a type of cosmetic. Green stones were an important part of burial rituals in Ancient Egypt, believed to represent the heart of the deceased.

Many of the names we use for crystals today come from the Greek language, and the Ancient Greeks also believed that crystals held certain metaphysical powers. The word "crystal" itself comes from the Greek for ice, stemming from their belief that clear quartz was a special type of ice that could never melt. "Amethyst" is another name that comes from the Greek language, translating to "not drunken" as the crystal was believed to prevent hangovers. "Hematite" comes from the Greek word for blood, partially due to its red color, and also due to it being an iron ore. The Ancient Greeks believed that Hematite represented Aries, the god of war, and would use the stone for protection during battle.

Ancient China is known for its association with Jade, and Chinese characters were often written on Jade beads to create a type of amulet. Jade was believed to be lucky and have protective qualities, and Chinese emperors were sometimes buried in armor made of Jade.

The Ruby as a world-first gem

The ruby is one of the most historically significant colored gems. The ancient language of Sanskrit refers to the ruby as "Ratnaraj", which means "the king of precious stones". In fact, the Bible mentions rubies several times, associating its precious nature with wisdom and beauty. The ruby's uniquely bright color was interpreted by many cultures as an inextinguishable flame, providing its wearer with mental and physical protection. The ruby has continued to hold this significance in society today as one of the most sought-after stones, often given as a romantic gift that represents passion and inextinguishable love. As we use red rose flowers to represent erotic love, rubies are the best healing crystals to attract divine feminine energy.

Ancient usage of gems and crystals for Healing and Personal Development

Spiritual Rocks and the New Age

Crystals have always had a great cultural significance, but for much of the 19th and 20th centuries they were treasured mostly as an accessory or status symbol. However, the emergence of New Age culture in the 1980s saw more and more people utilizing crystals for their ancient healing powers. Several popular books were published in the 80s to educate the public on the healing benefits of crystals, and the ancient methods used to harness them. And today, crystals are still being used during meditations, reiki healing practices, and in everyday life - existing less as a part of alternative culture, and more mainstream.

Why to be cautious of unknown crystals?

Although many gemstones offer exceptional healing and protection properties, there are some cases where you should be cautious of crystals and gems. This is because under some circumstances, certain crystals can become radioactive.

Some gemstones have impurities embedded inside, and the process of irradiation used to enhance a crystal can sometimes cause these impurities to become radioactive. This is why it is vital that you acquire your crystals and gems from a reliable source.

The length of time that a crystal is exposed to irradiation can dictate its chance of becoming radioactive (the longer, the more likely). It also depends on the type of irradiation used. If stones are treated with Gamma radiation, the stone cannot become radioactive. However, if electron or neutron irradiation is used, the stone will become radioactive for a certain period of time. After a stone is treated with electron irradiation guidelines advise that it is set aside for several months until it becomes safe to handle. Neutron irradiation requires that a stone is set aside for much longer, usually around 1-2 years. Crystals should not be placed on the market until they have been given enough time for the radiation to decay.

Famous People who have spoken about Spiritual Rocks

Not only have crystals played an important part in some of the world's most influential cultures throughout history, they have also had an influence on important scientists, artists and philosophers. Read more to find out what these famous figures had to say about crystals and gems.

Albert Einstein: The world famous and historically significant scientist Albert Einstein was quoted saying:

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Many crystal enthusiasts associate this quote with the unique energy-transforming power of crystals, as crystals have the ability to make the energy around you and within you more positive. Einstein was famous for his scientific research into physics, and many of his quotes like this can be used to demonstrate that the gap between crystal healing and science isn't as wide as some skeptics would have you believe.

Andy Warhol: Pioneer of the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol, was around during the reemergence of crystal healing during the New Age and made his belief in the powers of crystals rather clear in this quote:

"I'm starting to think that crystals don't work. Because look what's happened lately when they're supposed to be protecting me - my rug has cancer from the moths, I stepped on a beautiful old plastic ring and crushed it, and I was assaulted at the book signing. But I've got to believe in something, so I'll continue with the crystals. Because things could always be worse."

And crystals have been shown to influence and inspire artists all the way since ancient times up until present day, with many famous pieces of art emulating the repeated patterns and natural beauty of the stones.

Nikola Tesla: The scientist Nikola Tesla was responsible for some of the most innovative creations and theories of the 19th century, and yet he was also caught up in much controversy. He has found renewed respect for his innovations in the 21st century, with the popular electric car company Tesla being named after him. Tesla is known amongst crystal enthusiasts for his unique approach to the energy stones, once quotes as saying:

"In a crystal, we have a pure evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although in spite of everything we cannot understand the life of crystals - it is still a living being."

Rudolph Steiner: Rudolph Steiner is another well-known scientist and writer, but one that was also known for being a clairvoyant. Steiner has written about some of his unique interpretations of crystals, saying that he believes that they could be a type of living being. One of his theories explains that crystals are actually a physical manifestation of real angelic light beings.

Cleansing, Activating, and Caring for Crystals

The Crystal Renaissance: Crystals are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. No longer delegated to new age or fringe practices, crystals have made their way into the mainstream and can be found in just about any environment-the home, the office, even in water bottles. These beautiful gems and stones come in many forms (more on this below). They are worn as jewelry, carried in a purse, used as wands, and tucked in pant pockets. Crystals are everywhere.

Heal, Balance, Attune & Amplify

As their usefulness and attributes are popularized through mainstream media, crystals are being sought after for spiritual use, as well as for healing through holistic means. In certain alternative therapies such as Reiki, crystals are utilized as energy healing stones to balance and attune the auric field and chakras. Each crystal has its own energies, which are associated with particular properties.

Depending on the user's intention, these gemstones are capable of a range of benefits. For instance, the beautiful purple Amethyst helps the bearer find emotional balance, purify one's spirit or aura, and provides protection. Spiritually, the Amethyst also enhances one's connection to the divine. Citrine amplifies mental focus and decision-making and is a stone for new beginnings. To find one's courage, Tiger Eye is a very useful stone. Each and every crystal has its own vibrational quality that encompasses a myriad of characteristics.

Created over Millenia, Molded under Pressure

Simply put, crystals are minerals. They are gemstones created over millennia and molded under geologic pressures. The many varieties of crystals are sourced globally, some occurring in numerous locations throughout the world (for example, Quartz), while others are limited to one particular area (Moldavite). Each crystal has its own unique crystalline structure, which vibrates at a particular frequency. This is what produces its distinctive characteristics. Over time, our ancestors recognized the power of crystals by intuiting each stone's characteristics through their individual frequency. Our current understanding of crystal attributes is based on this accumulation of ancestral knowledge.

New Crystal? Cleanse Before Use

Whether bought or found, any new crystal should be cleansed and activated. Do not skip this step. There are numerous ways to do so and don't require much effort. Since crystals are an energetic tool, it is best to intuit the way you feel is best for that particular crystal. Whichever method you choose, it is especially important to focus your intention on energetically cleansing your crystal. Here are several ways to cleanse your crystals:

Sage your crystal. Hold it in the smoke of Sage or incense sticks for several minutes or until you feel the energy of the crystal become still.

Bury your crystal in a bowl of sea salt overnight. If you have any, add dried sage or lavender to the salt.

Set your crystal outside overnight to sit under the light of the full moon.

Place the crystal on a piece of Selenite overnight. A Selenite slab or bowl is great for this method and can be used to cleanse and recharge your crystals when on your person. Sit down with your crystal in a peaceful setting. As you hold it in your hands, ground yourself, then use visualization to clear your crystal of any previous energies. Imagine a bright white light filling your crystal as you focus your intent to cleanse, refresh and renew the stone. Utilize sound to clear the previous energies of the crystal. Place the crystal next to a singing bowl, then strike the bowl gently three times. Let the sound dissipate between each strike. Cleansing your crystal will remove any energies that are not in alignment with your or the crystal's higher purpose, especially energy picked up on its way to you (i.e., from being handled by numerous people in a store or any stagnant energy accumulated over time). Always cleanse your new crystals.

Activation and Programming is Crucial

Activating your crystal is done by programming the stone with intention. Hold your cleansed crystal in the palm of your left hand, cup your right hand over the stone. While taking deep, measured breaths, focus on the associated attribute you want to amplify. What characteristics do you want to utilize? Perhaps you are in need of healing or abundance. If the crystal you have acquired is Green Aventurine, you would focus on those qualities and visualize the stone filling up with the light of your intention. The crystal is listening. Use this method of activation to recharge your crystal when its energy feels sluggish. Depending on the amount of use, this should be done about once a month. A perceptible shift in the energy of the stone (usually, a feeling of lightness') is a sign that recharging has been successful.

Respect and Care for your Spiritual Rocks

Using a crystal creates a bond or relationship between the bearer and the stone. The crystal contains an energetic force that should be respected, therefore treat the stone in an appropriate manner. Caring for crystals is not difficult. Keep in mind that:

Crystals should be kept away from water or excessive humidity in order to maintain their quality.

Unless they are tumbled stones, be aware of abrasive surfaces (Selenite is especially prone to scratches).

Err on the side of caution and keep your crystals out of direct sunlight, as some stones such as Amethyst can lose their intense coloring if left too long in the sun.

To physically clean a crystal, use a dry, clean microfiber cloth to gently wipe off fingerprints, dust, dirt, or oils. For crystal clusters, use your breath to get out any particles. If that doesn't work, try a very soft brush (for example, a blusher) to get it out.

Store your crystals in a box or glass display box in order to minimize dust buildup. If packing them up in a box, be sure to wrap them in a soft cloth in order to keep the stones from scratching or breaking.

Crystal Healing Powers and When - Take Your Time

Once cleansed and activated, the crystal is ready for use. Getting to know a crystal takes time. Read up on its attributes, but more importantly, spend time with your stone. Sit with it. Meditate with it. Carry it with you throughout the day. How does it feel when you place it on your chakras? Be curious! Understand the energetic exchange, know how it feels, and let yourself be open to its healing and energizing qualities.

Spiritual and Practical uses for Crystals

The history of crystals discussed earlier in this article, and the historic figures who believed in their power, demonstrates that crystals are more than just minerals formed deep below the ground - and their powers can be harnessed to influence our everyday lives! Different stones each have their own energetic properties, so each one can offer a different range of benefits to your life. This section of the article looks at crystals that can help you strengthen your connections to the spiritual realm, and crystals that can help you achieve greater success in your daily life and career.

Crystals that help you connect with Angelic Realms

Not only are crystals known for their healing properties and consistent positive vibrations, they are also used to strengthen connection and communication with angelic realms. In fact, many people believe that spiritual crystals are messengers for the divine, delivering us with heavenly vibrations, sacred geometry, and incredible energy-transforming abilities. Whether or not you believe that crystals themselves are from angelic origins, it is still widely believed that spiritual crystals carry strong vibrations with healing properties and this makes them ideal for connecting with angelic realms. But what are the best crystals for strengthening your connection with angels and deities?

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli has been used since the earliest days of human civilization to enhance intuition, access divine wisdom, and also to help people strengthen their connection to their higher self. This bright blue stone is believed to help open up the third eye chakra, which is thought to be the gateway of the divine - which makes it exceptionally useful for accessing the angelic realms.

Selenite: Selenite is white-toned, translucent stone that has strong connotations with higher planes of consciousness, pure white light, and the divine. When you find crystals for emotional healing then Selenite stones are the best healing crystals for remove chaos in the emotional plane. The crystal has a calming effect on its owner, helping to provide peace of mind - ideal for meditation, prayer, and connecting with the angelic realm.

Amethyst: Amethyst is one of the most popular and abundant stones of the spiritual crystals world, and it is known for its strong spiritual vibrations. Amethyst's vibrations are well-suited to converting base-level energy into their higher self-counterparts, whether through meditation, yoga, or spiritual growth rituals. The purple hue of Amethyst also represents alchemy's Violet Ray - embodying its abilities to enhance psychic abilities. Amethyst crystal healing properties go down to link your divine-eye or third-eye with angels and deities. So you can see them or they can see you. When considering amethyst crystal healing properties it is good for reducing stress, healing crystals for anxiety and depression so helps to calm your mind in meditation and all types of spiritual activities. It is one of the chakra healing crystals. Amethyst bracelets are the best and most popular healing crystal bracelets.

Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is renowned for its strong connections with love, embodying romantic love, platonic love, but also divine love. This stone is especially useful for opening the heart chakra, which in turn opens the spiritual door to love and connection from the spiritual realm and allows it to wash over all aspects of your life. When new-age spirituality talks about healing crystal jewelry, the first gemstone that comes into mind is Rose Quartz as a healing crystal necklace. Gemstone in the healing crystal necklace should be touch to the throat chakra or heart chakra. So for healing crystal necklace for hearth chakra is rose quartz. It is the best gemstone for crystals for love and healing. Also, it can be used as a healing crystal for anxiety. Ladies can use it as healing crystal bracelets. Rose quartz gemstones in a necklace are the best and most popular crystals for love and healing.

Smoky Quartz: Smoky quartz boasts energetic capabilities for centering, grounding and cleansing, and it is a popular crystal for meditation and eradicating negative energy such as panic attacks. Those that are suffering from depression or grief find that the stone can help release blocks of energy, helping them to process their emotions better and find a more positive sense of clarity. When talking about smoky quartz healing properties this spiritual rock can reduce stress and anxiety. This is one of the best healing crystals for anxiety. Keep this crystal close and stay protected from sources of negative energy. You can wear bracelets or pendants of crystal healing bracelets to reduce effects of the panic attacks.

Crystals and gems for the removing toxic work environment

Crystals for success in Life and Career

In a world filled with negative energies, it can be hard to stay positive and stay on your path to success, love and abundance. More and more individuals are turning to the power of crystals to clear negative energies in their home and work environments, helping them to be more productive and successful in their endeavors. Crystals can help you eradicate stress, doubt and negative thoughts from your own mind, but they can also help prevent the negative energies in the workplace that lead to gossip, rumors, and unpleasant competitiveness. Let's take a closer look at some of the most effective crystals for life and career success...     

Citrine: Citrine's abundance of positive energy is commonly thought to attract career success and money, so much so that it is often referred to as "the merchant stone" or "the abundance stone". This energy makes this stone especially useful for new entrepreneurs or small business owners that want to be aligned with success and wealth.

Black Onyx: Black onyx is a well-known absorber of negative energy, helping to eradicate these harmful vibrations from an environment and promote a more positive and productive space. Black onyx also offers strong grounding properties which can be especially useful for establishing a strong and fruitful career or business.

Pyrite: Pyrite is a natural match for those aspiring to have a successful career. The stone has a shiny, iridescent surface that helps to reflect negativity back to its source, and help instill its owner with more self belief. This crystal is also exceptionally popular for attracting wealth, helping people through any financial hardships, or to advance in their career ambitions.

Green Jade: Green jade has been used throughout history for its luck-giving properties. This positive, attractive energy helps to promote a healthy flow of prosperity both in your personal life and professional life. It also helps to instill a harmonious energy in the workplace.

Harnessing the Power of Crystals in all areas of life

This section of the article looks at all of the areas of life where crystals could prove helpful, from activating your third eye, to boosting your memory. You'll learn about the different types of crystals and the best ways to use them. Whichever crystals you decide to add to your collection, you can be sure that their magnificent energy-transforming properties will bring added positivity, balance and reflection to your life.

Activate the Third Eye

Lots of stones in the crystal world can be used to open up the chakras, however only a handful of them will be able to activate the third eye chakra. The third eye is often referred to as "the sixth sense", largely associated with intuition, spirituality and higher planes of consciousness. The third eye is strongly associated with the color indigo, and consequently, the best stones for opening the third eye share this strong purple hue. Amethyst is an effective stone for the third eye, helping the owner gain clarity, wisdom and protection. And purple fluorite is also adept at promoting intuition and third eye focus. These stones can be worn on jewelry or placed around the home, however to open the third eye it is recommended that these stones are kept as close to the head as possible - either around your neck on a necklace, or placed on the forehead during a meditation.

Attract Nature Spirits

Nature spirits, such as faeries, are believed to spread positivity, joy and growth in nature. You can use crystals such as quartz and geodes to attract nature spirits, and they are especially effective when placed around a garden. Clear Quartz, Aura Quartz, Tree Agate and Rainbow Quartz are all attractive to nature spirits, they help amplify the energy of your garden and draw higher consciousness entities to you.

Attract Gods and Goddesses

Several different crystals and gems have a close association with gods and goddesses, but especially due to their ability to connect you to the wider universe and higher planes of consciousness. Kyanite is one crystal that is particularly useful for connecting with spiritual guidance, while amethyst is another crystal that has long been associated with spiritual epiphanies and breakthroughs. Keep these crystals dotted around your home and nearby while you sleep, then hold them in your hands while you pray or meditate.

Travel and Tourism

What crystals are good for protection from dangers in traveling and driving long distances? If you're struggling with stress and worry about an upcoming trip, or simply don't like to travel - these crystals can help ease your emotions and bring good luck to your journey. Hematite is well known for its abilities to relieve worry and balance the mind, try combining this with Pyrite, a crystal that helps clear negative energy from your surroundings. Keep these crystals in your pocket while you travel or kept safe in your luggage.

Science and Mathematics

Whatever your scientific endeavor, certain crystals can help bring break-throughs and success. Aventurine and sunstone are both crystals that are strongly associated with logic and reason, they are thought to increase thought and intelligence and you can harness their powers by keeping them on your desk or in your pocket.

Emerald is a particularly helpful stone to enhance mathematical projects. This is due to its believed abilities to open the mind to better communication and understanding, helping you sort through information and find the answers you need. This is a stone often worn on jewelry such as rings, necklaces, brooches or earrings.

Information Technology

If you work in information technology or need energetic help with your computers, certain crystals can help you better understand technology while also protecting you from harmful EMF radiation. Working with tech can typically lead to headaches and trouble with concentration, Fluorite is an effective stone for protecting the mind from electromagnetic stress and purifying the energy around you.


The kitchen is a great place for crystals, and you can try placing energy-clearing stones such as clear quartz and jade in decorative areas of the room. The cleansing qualities of clear quartz can help you maintain a clean and healthy kitchen, potentially filtering negative toxins from your food. Meanwhile jade brings love into the kitchen, helping chefs put extra positive energy into the nourishing meals they cook. When we consider neatness and organizing clear quartz healing properties is wonderful, it is the best rock that can use to make yourself clean, areas in your house that normally become dirty and mess up such as the kitchen, children's rooms, storeroom, and garden clear quartz help to organize and clean the environment. So such a nice place attracts divine beings.


Writers often find themselves in need of added focus and determination, and there's no better stone for this purpose than Tigers' Eye. This crystal not only helps writers achieve better clarity in their writing, it can also help them feel more confident and capable in their abilities and talents. Keep a lump of rough or polished tigers' eye on the desk where you write, so that its powerful energies are right where you need them!

Memory Boosters

Whether you're studying for a test or protecting your memory as you age, Opal is known to be a fantastic stone for strengthening memory and achieving mental clarity. If you want help remembering something, rub the stone across your forehead for a moment and see if it helps bring the information to the forefront of your mind.


When it comes to creativity, there's no better stone than lapis lazuli. A stone that helped energize monumental creative endeavors of the ancient past, such as that of the Ancient Egyptians. Lapis lazuli can help you channel the same creative energies as these ancient cultures, especially when kept close on jewelry.


Musicians will find that crystals associated with the throat chakra will help them communicate their message through music, while also strengthening their voice. Aquamarine helps promote calm, clarity and confidence, and will be especially helpful when kept close to the throat on a necklace.

Meditation and Yoga

The best crystals for meditation and yoga are the ones that help you find balance on a personal level, and open your mind to higher planes of consciousness. One of the favorite crystals for yogis is rose quartz due to its strong associations to divine love and openness. Some people keep huge chunks of rose quartz in the studio where they practice, while others hold a small piece in their hand throughout a meditation. Healing crystals for anxiety and depression such as Apatite, Amethyst, Yellow Kunzite, Amblygonite, Blue Agate, and Lapis Lazuli are also good at clam your mind in meditation. You can keep tumbled gemstones near your yoga and meditation area.

Healing Stones and Crystals

In the world of healing crystal jewelry, mentors had advice use as Vedic Astrology gemstone rings, healing crystal necklaces, and healing crystal bracelets. Healing crystals guide use in the modern world gives priority to healing crystal bracelets. Angel healers, energy healers, and chakra healers can use natural Phenacite to gain multidimensional energy healing to activate the crown chakra. Phenacite pranic crystal healing let have gold color fountain-like energy following falls to your crown chakra from higher-level heavens. Phenacite is a chakra healing crystal that links you with Ascended Masters and makes it easy to access Akashic Records. Phenacite energizes all other healing stones and crystals. The best gem stones for seven chakra healing crystal bracelets are Apatite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, and Green Aventurine. This healing crystal bracelet works as an amulet that protects you from all evils and also as a talisman that attracts all kinds of prosperity into your life. These seven pranic healing crystals bracelets can be wear when you practice chakra healing meditations.

By Brian Ranasinghe

Author belonged to an ancestral herbal medicine family in Sri Lanka. He learned ancient astrology from various teachers in Sri Lanka & India. He is working as freelancer web developer in USA.

Last updated: 2022 December 26th