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Frequently Asked Questions

What are main aims of the LankaWisdom.com?

Our website helps you to develop your personal life with Sri Lankan wisdom which came 5000 years ago. Also, we try to give you modern psychological theories for success in your life. Our main focused group of visitors is people who do busy jobs & people who work in foreign countries. But overall every Sri Lankan people can stay with our website. Our wishing is to give them fast information for personal development. For example, we help you with your astrology needs & offer reading to light up your life. The website is the best viewing in any major web browser with any resolution. Our website is open to all levels of visitors who like to succeed in their life!

I live in a foreign country. How can I pay for Paid Astrology Services (PAS)?

Since 2019/01/01 we don't accept payments via Western Union or such as money taking from agent ways. So you happen to directly credit your payment into our bank account at NSB bank. A lot of time you can use MoneyGram money transferring service to credit your payment into our bank account. Otherwise, you can tell your friend or relative in Sri Lanka to credit payment behalf of you or you may use internet/mobile banking facilities. In a lot of countries, there have money transferring agents who transfer money into Sri Lankan bank accounts.

I'm Sri Lankan and live aboard, so can I get Sinhala astrology readings?

Sinhalese people who are living in foreign countries may like to get Sinhala version readings or porondam sheets. Yes, we send Sinhala version readings via PDF format via email attachment.

How we can contact you to read my birth charts in Sri Lanka?

Our astrology services give you more advanced astrological reading with confidence. Currently, you can't meet our astrologer in Sri Lanka. So currently we are doing our astrology services only online. To pay for our astrology service you can credit money to our bank account. For that, you can contact us. Please send us an email, WhatsApp message, or SMS, but don't bother to call. Our astrologer does full-time astrology work, hence you want to make an appointment before calling via SMS or email. Your calling can be disturbed by other clients' work. Birth time must be very correct, as it is the first crying time of the newborn baby. Apart from birth time, you must give us your birth date, birthplace, your sex, and mutual state.

Can we pay via foreign remittance services for your astrology services?

Yes, surely you can do your payments via foreign remittance services in different agents in foreign countries such as XpressMoney or MoneyGram. Also, there have web-based money transfer companies too. They can transfer your payment into our bank account as shown in the astrology corner. But please send us your money transfer confirmation e-statement to our email address.

I know some details about gods & goddesses, how can I send you?

To publish your experience related to gods & goddesses you must have strong evidence related to your experiences. Sometimes your information can challenge current folklore related to deities. Hence before getting your details we ask some scientific questions to determine whether you say the truth or not. But your details can publish without your name. We aim to give everyone divine wisdom and transfer merits to deities correctly. It helps to the existence of gods & goddesses as well.

Do you have a postpaid Click-Only-Pay advertisement program?

No, we have only a prepaid advertisement system like newspapers. We don't agree with you to send any number of visitors. As a newspaper, you can publish Ads. When monthly viewing periods are finished your Ad will remove from our website. So you can stay with us for the next months too!

Why does LankaWisdom.com have prepaid advertisements & paid Astrology services?

To maintain our website it cost some money per year for internet charges, electricity charges, web hosting & domain name. Also, we research astrology, yantra, mantra & gods. For those tasks, we need some money too. We collect books to develop our skills. We hope to develop our website more advanced level by using server-side technologies. For that, we collect money from advertisements. You can give donations with your Ads, but we have only limited Ad spaces on our website.

Can we copy or take any client-side programs or articles from your website?

No, we don't like you to take client-side programs from our website. If you ask so we can show you resources that have free programs & things you are hoping. For articles, you must contact our web team. Think a little, we create our website working hard. Hence we don't like you to steal anything from us!

Why does your website have not any usernames or passwords?

We like everyone to use our website free of charge and use it without wasting time creating usernames or accounts. We aim to help everyone with astrology & share the wisdom that we earn from our research. So this is a free website and very speedily you can be wise with your busy life. A lot of time we think about Sri Lankans who are doing busy jobs & whose living in foreign countries.

Do you use our emails for spam or another kind of misuse?

No. In astrology corner or URL submissions, if someone misuses your emails, please let us know by referring your birthday or email & name. Then we will remove your details from our database ASAP. Because we don't keep usernames or passwords from our visitors, hence we don't have any records about people who visit our website, services, or any part of the website.