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Dependent Organism

Learn about How Things Link Each Other

Theravada Buddhism - Dependent Organism

Dharma Of Reasons

Lord Buddha preached that all creatures are spinning in rebirth cycle (Sansara) cause of this reasons & results theory (also so called as Dependent Organism). Consciousness stick to rebirth cycle cause of reasons. This is one of important discovery of Lord Buddha. Sutra Pitakaya said that when Buddha was thinking about this theory just after enlightened, colorful radiations emitted from Buddha's body. Also when some enlightened monks were thinking about this theory, their physical sicknesses are removed from their body. One reason gives result to create another reason & so on, therefore this is called as reasons & results theory. Also wise people should want to know this Dharma Theory therefore this was named as Noble Theory. Lord Buddha had said once, unknowingness of this theory may help to get all pains & worries in rebirth cycle however at nowadays understanding this theory make us free from all these pains & worries!

Theory: Dependent Organism
  • Reason of unknowingness (ignorance), karma formations are resulted.
  • Reason of karma formations, consciousness is resulted.
  • Reason of consciousness, mind & matters are resulted
  • Reason of mind & matters, six organs related to six senses are resulted.
  • Reason of six organs of six senses, contacting with consciousness is resulted.
  • Reason of contacting with consciousness, perception is resulted.
  • Reason of perception, desires are resulted.
  • Reason of desires, clinging (great bonds of desires) is resulted.
  • Reason of clinging, collecting karma for reincarnation is resulted.
  • Reason of collecting karma for reincarnation, birth is resulted.
  • Reason of birth, - aging, death, worries , pains, losses - are resulted.

How we get rid from Bebirth Cycle
  • According to reasons & results theory, likenesses help to all sufferings in rebirth cycle.  
  • When we remove likenesses, reason also automatically removed and then results are also removed.
  • All these reasons & results are unsteady, hence changing with time & help to give pains & worries...
  • All these reasons & results are belongs to past, presents & futures lifetimes in rebirth cycle.
  • All these reasons & results are having with any living being in universe.
  • All these reasons & results are helping to create big, small, though, flexible, distance & near formations.
  • All these reasons & results are created in same time with linking each other.
  • This theory discuss about thread of the creatures whose are spinning in rebirth cycle.
  • When someone removes desires & lusts, he also cut this thread and then lost attachement to rebirth cycle.
  • So he or she is called as enlightened person or person who got Nibbana.
  • This reasons & results spinning as cycle from unknowingness to aging, death, worries, pains & losses.

Word's Meanings: Dependent Organism

Reasons Traditional Meaning
Unknown Avidaya Lack of knowledge about four noble truth & above Dharma
Formations Sanskara Collecting energies (Akashic Records) as merits, sins & jhanas
Consciousness Vignagna Understanding or feeling on objects via six organs of six senses
Mind Nama All of feelings, identifying, thinking, contacting & attentions
Matters Rupa Elements which create from solid, liquid, air & heat blocks
Six Organs Sadh Ayatana Feelings get via six organs: eye, ear, nose, skin, mouth & mind
Contacting Sparsha Impact consciousness with six organs & related focusing objects
Perceptions Vadana Feeling of negative, positive or indifferent, via consciousness
Desires Tanha Feels likeness to focused object from mind
Clinging Upadana Stick or cling or absorb above likeness as "My Things"
Worlds Bawaya Born in 3 worlds of lust, material & non-material realms
Birth Jathiya Born as animal, human, gods, hell creatures, etc...
Getting Old Jara Mind & five organs are getting old with time & become powerless
Death Marana All living beings die when their Karmic forces are finished
Worries Soka Become sad & worry, such as cause of death of the relation
Crying Paridava Crying with problems in crazy mood & become insane
Pains Dukka Mainly physical pains, such as doing heavy works
Stress Domanassa Cause of negative encounters, mind become negative mood
Depression Upayasa With continually problems, mind become powerless & totally tired
Law of Karma

Cause of this lust & desires, creatures born in next life according to their own Karma. Buddhism categorize Karma as three ways: Time, Function & Methods. When someone dies his final energy packet of mind (Consciousness) focus relevant Karma & next energy packet create according to this Karma which is giving birth to next life. There have no inter-life between death & birth in Theravada Buddhism. However consciousness can reincarnate as temporary energy being. So this way we get “World” & “Type of Being” according to Karma. Here we discuss different ways of Karma.

Karma with Time Karma with Function Karma with Methods of Results
Gives results at any moment in this lifetime itself. Karma which gives birth, deciding place and world. Good deeds cause of meditation & bad deeds cause of five great sins
Gives result at any moment in next lifetime. Karma which helps to other karma to give results as combined karma Karma which are done as daily routine as practicing by person.
Gives results in any moment in rebirth cycle in future lifetimes. Karma which totally stop another karma & make it powerless. Powerful karma which are done near period to death.
Karma don't give results cause of power of other karma. Karma which stop another powerless karma & give results. If there have no other Karma, any other Karma randomly give results.
Karma of Great Five Sins

Lord Buddha said person who did these five Karmas, will not get rid from four hells & get pains for long infinitive time in hell. Other all Karma can be changed with own persistence & working hard. Like poor person who born with powerless karma but he can work hard and then become rich person one day. But these five great sins can’t be cut off any way except those are removing by own suffering in hell.

  • Kill own mother
  • Kill own father
  • Kill enlightened Buddhist monk
  • Try to kill or make emitting blood of Lord Buddha (From only mind of ill-will)
  • Make separate council of Sangha or destroy peace of Sangha