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Privacy Policy


Our website is a Sri Lanka web portal that is focused on spiritual education, spiritual development, personal skills development, cultural development & social development among Sri Lankan people who live around the world. Our logo tells our custom related to Buddhism which we daily offer flowers, light incense sticks & light oil lamps for Lord Buddha. Flowers tell precepts, incense sticks or auras tell concentration in the mind and lamp tells about wisdom. So we aim to spread kindness, precepts & wisdom via our website. We are not representing a particular group or ethnic separation from our website. These terms of use, privacy policy & copyright policy are updated time by time when we update the terms of the website. So as users or visitors, we hope you will read this page every month when you are visiting our website. Our website is the best viewing in any major web browser with any resolutions, at normal font size, and normal English encodings. Our main service is providing astrological terms for our clients.


LankaWisdom.com™ currently maintains many sections on our website including Buddhist Portal, Sinhalese Article, Psychology Article, Meditation Article, Astrology Article, Deity's Articles & Precept’s Article. All these web pages are copyrighted with current laws in Sri Lanka and all countries in the world. All rights reserved. All web pages, some pictures, some images, client-side programs, scripts & articles in LankaWisdom.com™ including our astrology readings, are protected by copyright and permission must be obtained from the web team before any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or likewise. We give certain people to copy our web pages with picture links back to our website on their front web page. Then we give a confirmation letter for copy related page or section in PDF format which has our website's logo. Our LankaWisdom.com™™ main logo & other owner's logos are Trade Marks so that logos are also protected by current copyright law in Sri Lanka & worldwide as in other countries. Current copyright law means laws and rules in this year when you read this web page, so every webpage on our website is copyrighted in the current year.

Facebook Page & Group

Facebook Page & Group are the main communication point at LankaWisdom.com™ with our visitors. Anyone can use our website to announce free messages via Facebook Page & Group , to meet new friends, contact each other, etc. But any messages related: to Sri Lankan culture, pornographic, or sexual misconduct & against our web team will be deleted as soon as we see them on our Facebook Page & Group . Also, our web team members don't take any responsibility for any messages published on the Facebook Page & Group at LankaWsidom.com. All published materials on Facebook Page & Group belong to their owners & their privacy policies. Hence some visitors' information seen on Facebook Page & Group may be incorrect. If someone publishes some social conflicting details on our Facebook Page & Group as referring names such as LankaWisdom.com™, Lanka Wisdom, or lankawisdom; any web team member at LankaWisdom.com™ doesn't take any responsibility for it.

Advertise & Paid terms

LankaWisdom.com™ has Advertise Policy for our benefit of maintaining our terms. These Ads are provided by people who contract & pre-paid with us to publish their picture Ad links. So all published Ads on our sites are belongs to their owners & their privacy policies. These pre-paid Ads must not include harm to any group of people or person, should not have ornaments created from animal body parts or animal products, should not belong to alcohol products, and should not lead to sexual misconduct, political ideas & against Sri Lankan culture. All paid Ads must be in gif, jpg, or png formats. The contract period must be six months to one year. All pre-paid Ad owners have our confirmation letter sent via email, which includes their paid amount & publishing period. Except for Ads, we have Paid Astrology terms with its teams & conditions as below. Please visit Astrology Page for more details. For more details about publishing Ads, please visit advertise policy page.

Privacy Policy

Our email server is Gmail network with a contract with Gmail technology. LankaWisdom.com™ team & Gmail team have the right to remove or modify our email accounts & give related details to legal conditions when some governmental issues were asked. We don't use our visitor's emails for spam or other illegal uses. Currently, we don't create usernames or passwords for our website. All our terms are free and can be navigated except paid astrology terms or paid advertisements. When someone is miss-using us any service such as Facebook Page & Group then we will be deleted his or her details from our Facebook Page & Group without any more warnings. Such abuse can inform us via email. People can contact us via mainly email or via SMS (short messages terms via your mobile provider) & sometimes via chatting (via Gmail, WhatsApp & Facebook) or limited telephone calls. So their contact and personal details are keeping as secret and after their terms were given, we delete those private details.

Communications & Violations

We don't have any responsibility for other websites which have the same look as our names, titles, links, logos, or URLs. People can contact us via emails & SMS/TEXT (short messages terms via your mobile) messages. Our advertisers can contact us via our email address which was given to them. Violation of copyright and our privacy policies help to take legal actions against violators with related laws in their country or laws in Sri Lanka. Chatting services provide only via Gmail, WhatsApp & Facebook.

Teams & Conditions for our Astrology Services

We give a Reference Number with our first readings for you. You may need to give that number for future consultations. You can ask any number of questions related to your horoscope in entire life readings. To get any readings, you must pay us the full amount. We don't send any email snaps or little readings as sample readings, till you fully pay our fees. If you trust & sensitive about us, we also trust & sensitive about you!

Readings provide in PDF format only to your email address. After you pay fees, you can't ask for a refund or transfer to another person. Because we are already started our work on your birth chart after receiving the fees. So another one's chance can be missed cause of your appointment in that month. Also for foreign people, our fees are excluded from international money transfer commissions or tax fees. You need to pay it separately to your money transferring agent. You must send all important letters via email only. We don't take any responsibility for lost letters or Money Orders within postal terms in Sri Lanka or abroad. We psychologically analyze your horoscope's details & give you readings according to modern psychological techniques. So we don't lose your goals or we don't break down your minds into a negative state. We introduce ways to how you can win your life goals with astrological wisdom.

For your requests, sometimes we will take late to reply to your email about 2 days or for SMS about 7 hours. Those latenesses are the happening cause of personal or technological reasons. Also normally we send your readings after 7 working days after the day you settled payments. But sometimes it can be delayed 2 or 3 working days cause of our personal or technological reasons. Please be patient with such latenesses! Currently, we are doing horoscope readings and matching porondams (couple birth charts for marriage). When there occur requested occasions, we prepare other terms for your special tasks. We only do traditional Sri Lankan astrological terms and then help you to succeed in your life through your meritorious activities.

Misuse of our financial details, personal details, and other information on our web pages for SPAM, SCAM, or illegal works or activities is prohibited. In such cases, we take strong legal actions against those misusers with current local or international rules, regulations & laws. If you gave us wrong birth details such as birth date or birth time, even if you were paid a second time for your corrections you may need to pay us the full amount or 50% of the full amount. Cause already we might prepare your readings with wrong birth details. So again we happen to start your calculations from starting point.

Disclaimer for our Astrology Services

LankaWisdom.com™ astrological readings are based on Sri Lankan astrological principles which were thought of by our spiritual teachers as an inheritance. With astrological principles, we use scientific methods and counseling methods to prepare our end products. There has a difference between eminent mentors such as omniscient ones (such as Buddhist – Lord Buddha) and normal astrologers. Hence we do not guarantee on our end products are 100% accurate. Using techniques, our readings & our calculations from LankaWisdom.com™ astrological terms including details published on web pages into your life is your own risk.

So any team members in LankaWisdom.com™ do not take any responsibility for end results that need to be sustained 100% successful level. We are preparing our end products via astrological and spiritual principles, so we are not medical physicians, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, or therapists who cure your physical or mental sicknesses . We don't guarantee that rituals, spells, or meritorious activities will cure your sicknesses. If you have long-term or minor sicknesses, please take official medicines from registered physicians or doctors under the government of your country.

LankaWisdom.com™ doesn’t prescribe black magic, spell bindings, charms, incantations, or such mere spells and rituals to cure your life problems. Mainly we prescribe Buddhist and Divine rituals for your problems from a spiritual point of view. These rituals can be done by anyone himself/herself as a standalone. To fix broken love affairs or marriages, we don't use or agree to use black magic, spell bindings, charms, incantations, or such mere spells or rituals. LankaWisdom.com™ is no place for fixing broken relationships. Our end products are not prepared to use as 100% essential to do basis, it’s only for spiritual guidance for your life and your future. If you were unsuccessful in your life plans or fail because of following our guidance, we don't take any responsibility for your failure. It is only your own risk. Here in this disclaimer section, end products mean details published on our web pages, details in entire life readings, details in horoscope matching reports, results from amulets or talismans, results from divine rituals, results from spiritual advice, results from auspicious times, results from astrological rituals and results from astrological consultations which are receiving from LankaWisdom.com™ astrological terms.

Thank You!

Also, we need to thank our valuable visitors who stay with us & respect our policies & terms when they are visiting our website! We hope you will take maximum benefits from LankaWisdom.com™.