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Vedic Astrology – Inside Horoscope - 01

Astrological pattens in Birth Chart

Planetary combinations in Astrology

Planetary Combinations (Part One)

  • Wealthy: If birth time is between Sunrise to Sunset for males and Sunset to Sunrise for females, for males houses of lagna, Sun and Moon are males zodiac signs and for females houses of lagna, Sun and Moon are females zodiac signs then they become great wealthy people.
  • Medicine: Sun, Saturn and Rahu link with each other via aspect, combination or constellation to 2nd house then they can be skillful physicians. Sun and Saturn are medical planets and Rahu is planet belongs to researching.
  • Ghosts: When Mars is transiting in 7th house from lagna chart in Horary Chart then you will get objections from evil spirits, hungry ghosts and devils. You can be sick cause of them.
  • Politics: When natural malefics are staying in 10th house in own sign then you happen to work hard in career life but you can success after some period of pressure. Also this is a political combination.
  • Job: Jupiter is in Exalted in any house and then Sun and Venus are powerful located in 10th house then you can be lawyer, politician and mostly doing government job.
  • Speech: When two natural benefits stay beside of Moon then they are skillful speakers and they become popular cause of speech.
  • Art: When two natural benefits stay beside of Sun then they are skillful artists and they become popular cause of their talents.
  • Son: When father’s chart 8th lord is in 1st house in son’s lagna chart or father's 8th sign is son’s lagna sign then son is continue father’s business and develop family projects greater level than his father.
  • Foreign Tours: Rahu is in 12th or 8th houses or Mars is in moving sign or Jupiter and Rahu are in moving sign or Jupiter is located in 12th house from Rahu gives foreign tours. If Rahu and Jupiter are in fixed sign then those people can attain permanent residency in developed country. Mars is in fixed sign giving longtime staying in industrial and hot county (middle-east).
  • Marriage: 7th lord is staying with Mercury, Jupiter or Venus then these people marry nice partner who helps to his or her success and then couple become rich people.
  • Sex: People whose Moon with Mars are in 1, 7, 8 and 12 houses are behaving as sexual addicted people and they don’t satisfied with one partner. If Sun, Saturn or Jupiter link with them then even they are sexy but love to only one person in their life.
  • Ancestral Wisdom: If in someone’s natal chart Jupiter is in 9th house then those people blessed with ancestral knowledge such as painting, music, herbal medicine and astrology. Their dead relative works as spiritual teachers and support for gain more wisdom.
  • Self-Employment: If Venus is powerfully located in 11th or 10th houses then they can success from own business. If Jupiter link with Venus then that business can expand upto huge firm.
  • Hotel: if someone’s Moon is in 2nd house in natal chart then he or she can be success from culinary art, hotel and as a customer care officer. If Rahu also link to 2nd house then this one can be popular in five star tourist hotels and expand knowledge of cookery into international level.
  • Illnesses: Natal chart shows sicknesses cause of physical weaknesses in body, Sun chart tells Karmic malfunctions while Moon chart says mental illnesses. Mars, Saturn and 6th lord link with each others in these charts tells severity of illnesses.
  • Singer: If someone’s chart is blesses with Moon, Jupiter and Venus in 2nd house then he or she can be famous singer. If own house located Mercury is in 4th or 10th houses then they can popular in their field and they can write hypnotizing musical notations. They are good at musical combinations.
  • Seers: When Mars is in 12th house in powerfully then they become sages and then like to do meditation in Himalaya but sometime love to material subjects while Jupiter with Saturn are in 12th house give birth to monks who try to renounce material worlds.
  • Marriage: When 22nd Drekkana and 64th Navamsa are related to main planetary period (maha dasa) and sub planetary period (athuru dasa) and also these two planets belong to 8th house and 1st house, then these planetary periods come each other means this period is deadly period for marriage partner.
  • Trading: Saturn is powerfully located in 7th house creates trading person who can sell his products in public retail markets. They are good sellers with best communication skills.
  • Big Girl: There have possibility for lass become big girl when 7th lord and 12th lord joining each other as combination and then Mars is aspect them in Horary Chart. Also Venus is in 12th house in Horary Chart then getting aspect from Mars is another combination.