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Explore the marvel of the Sri Lankan Traditional Astrology

Here you will learn Basic of the Horoscope Reading as use in Sri Lanka,

Planets in Vedic Astrology

Astrology and Divination

Astrology is the most interesting, marvelous & historical subject in the world. Astrology informs us anyone can be a distinctive person. From our experiences of parapsychology, meditations, psychology, and new technology; astrology can be described as a purely mathematical science, that our many previous life's karmic energies are measured by considering planets and their motions. Also, these past energies gave us positive powers to born as a human being. Astrology defines how our energy body affects our mind and what kind of positive powers we collected in our reincarnations, which are helping to our current life. Also all planets & objects in space influence the human body according to Physics such as Gravity. We get phlegm, cold, tonsillitis & fever in full moon days while heavy sunny days we have problems with urine system. Such way all planets link with our mind & body. In Sinhalese traditional word for astrology is Jyotishaya, which is Jyothi- meaning light, so with whole word meaning science of the light. In another word, it tells we want to use astrology for success our life as we use light for going on dark roads. Because we don't know our future, astrology is one of the occult subjects which tell about our future. Astrology used in Sri Lanka was found by Indian & Sri Lankan seers and monks who had mind power such as clairvoyance. Also, these mentors were discussed with gods to define calculations of how the universe effect to us. As history said, Sri Lankan king called Rawana was a great person who had huge skills in astrology & medicine. So this is a science of the mind power.

As parapsychology, astrology is sacred geometry, one form of light language and method of accessing Akashic Records which tells our strengths & weaknesses according to our karmic forces in our reincarnations. Astrology in Sri Lanka uses Birth Time, Birth Date & Birth Place (Country with Town) for calculating our birth chart from advanced mathematical formulae. Birth time is normally considered as the first breathing time or first crying time of the newborn baby. Astrology varies with countries, cultures, sects, religions, and customs. But root concepts are the same everywhere. Sri Lankan astrology used Indian Vedic Astrology with some modifications from the family of King Rawana's concepts & Lord Buddha's teachings. As Buddhists, we believe that influences from birth chart mean our karma & also as modern science, those are planet's radiations that can overcome our mind power, free will, and persistence. 

Planets and Zodiac Signs

Planets or Grahayo (means: Attracting Objects), play important role in astrology. Each of the planets has its areas that belong to personal life & our character. So combinations of planets are helping to determine our inborn skills, mind, educational capabilities, sicknesses, etc. Sri Lankan astrology lump with nine main plants. Their details are given in the below table. However, remember that these facts are basic of astrology. Other new planets (like Uranus, Neptune & Pluto) are important in western astrology but Sri Lankan astrology they have minor effects in birth charts. Cause their distance and motions can't make big influences on our life. New age astrologers had formulated the effects of these new three planets. Astrology which was found by yogic meditative mentors who have mind power must be neglected these new planets cause they are not important so much. But some recent sages had said another three main planets called as Indra, Varuna and Yama, so these can be Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. However, those sages had not said more clearly about their effects. Rahu and Ketu (in western astrology called as Capet Dragonis & Cauda Dragonis) are two images creating when sun and moon rotate around solar system. These two images create a barrier to other planet’s radiations. Rahu & Ketu gets more attention in birth chart reading in eastern astrology rather than western astrology. So, here is the table of planets & their some ruling areas:

Ravi/Sun - One’s will power, medicine, creative power, employments, father, management, karma
Chandra/Moon - Changing of feelings, mind state, about religious life, mother, phobias, kindness, women
Kuja/Mars - Encourages, will power, angry, jealous, fighting, property destroy, punishments, sex, lust
Budha/Mercury - Tells about knowledge, talents, education, noble life, mind power, guardian angels, post, computer technology
Guru/Jupiter - Respect or ideas about our religion, calmness, money, acceptations gain from others, banks
Sikuru/Venus - Spiritual love, marriage life, hobbies, friends, arts, music, dancing, relationships, flowers
Shani/Saturn - Pains, sadness, separations, sicknesses, commotion with others. virus diseases, job
Rahu/Capet Dragonis - Foreign journeys, wrong decisions, insaneness in mind, reputation, aging, politics, internet, fame
Ketu/Cauda Dragonis - Alone, create phobias in mind, properties lost, sicknesses in skin, fears, education, ghosts
Indra/Uranus – Industrial, factories, boycotts, strikes, gas, machineries, electricity, pollutions, technicians
Waruna/Neptune – Marine, oceans, diving, submarines, new age spirituality, modern medicine, vaccinations, microbiology
Yama/Pluto – Atomic technology, space technology, modern astronomy, nuclear weapons, quantum physics, nano technology

Zodiac Signs or Rashi, play important role in one's characters. All signs have their ruling planets that give their natures. As an example Libra is ruled by Venus therefore people who are born on Libra are somewhat romantic personals & have kindness. Also, some planets are behaving as exaltation to some signs. It means that the planet helps to related zodiac sign to it's upgrading. So it is no harm to even it staying in a negative house. Some planets are debilitated planet for some signs, which means they become low levels in those signs. But there has debilitation destroying planetary combinations in a lot of horoscopes. But these concepts can be varying with the other nine planets. Here provided basic character details of zodiac signs according to Sri Lankan astrology.

Sinhala English Ruled By Exalted Planets Debilitated Planets Some Characteristics
Mesha Aries Mars Sun Saturn Rule other people, proudest & have creative mind.
Vrishabha Taurus Venus Moon & Rahu Ketu Changing their mind at moment to moment.
Mituna Gemini Mercury No Exalt No Debilitate Like to learn complex subjects and religions.
Kataka Cancer Moon Jupiter Mars Religious character with ability to use mind power.
Sinha Leo Sun No Exalt No Debilitate Have good political & managing skills. Proud people.
Kanya Virgo Mercury Mercury Venus Learning oriented people & they are very kindness.
Tula Libra Venus Saturn Sun Romantic, kind, soft, flexible & religious character.
Vrischika Scorpio Mars Ketu Moon & Rahu Want to success life from own working hard.
Dhanu Sagittarius Jupiter No Exalt No Debilitate Religious character have ruling power in social life.
Makara Capricorn Saturn Mars Jupiter Have great will power & they are positive thinkers.
Kumbha Aquarius Saturn No Exalt No Debilitate Have will power but don't like to changes in their life.
Meena Pisces Jupiter Venus Mercury Romantic, educational & social minded people.

Each zodiac sign has its lucky gems, numbers, months, colors & dates. Numerology is used for find out those lucky signals. Numerology is a section in occultism which is discussing how numbers are joining with our life. It means from our birth time we can guess, what numbers are positive to us or negative to us. Basic Lucky Number is calculating from adding all individual numbers in our birth date, together till achieve a single number among one to nine. (As example, Basic Lucky Number for Birth Date 1980:03:28 is = 1+9+8+0+0+3+2+8 = 31 = 3+1 = 4)
From complex calculations, astrologers find out more 16 lucky numbers related to our birth time. However, from our main Lagna or Ascendent, we can find out some more powerful lucky signals. The below chart shows those lucky signals which will help you while taking lotteries, buying new vehicles, starting a new business, etc...

Why each Rashi has each gemstone? For activating a weak house in the horoscope, we can use this gemstone. As an example, in Mesha Lagna person has a problem with his household properties. He needs to build his own house but objections come then in that case he can use the Peridot stone to activate the 4th house in his birth chart. Peridot belongs to Kataka Rashi which is the 4th house in Mesha Lagna people.

Rashi Name Lucky Gems Lucky Months Lucky Numbers Lucky Days Lucky Colors
Mesha Amethyst Jan, Feb 6 - 8 - 9 Tues, Sat, Fri Blue
Vrishabha Emerald Feb, Mar 5 - 6 - 8 Wed, Fri Green, White
Mituna Aquamarine Mar, Apr 3 - 5 - 14 Wed, Tur Green, Yellow
Kataka Peridot Apr, May 2 - 7 - 9 Tues, Fri White, Yellow
Sinha Brilliant May, June 1 - 4 - 5 Tur Red
Kanya Ruby June, July 2 - 5 - 7 Wed, Fri White, Yellow
Tula Diamond July, Aug 1 - 2 - 4 Sun, Mon White, Red
Vrischika Yellow Topaz Aug, Sep 3 - 4 - 9 Sun, Mon Yellow, Red
Dhanu Alexandrite Sep, Oct 3 - 5 - 6 Wed, Fri Green, White
Makara Moonstone Oct, Nov 6 - 8 - 9 Tues, Fri Red, Blue
Kumbha Blue Sapphire Nov, Dec 2 - 3 - 9 Tur, Fri Yellow, Red, White
Meena Citrine Dec, Jan 1 - 3 - 4 Sun, Tur Red, yellow

Sri Lankan Horoscope Usages

Sri Lankan people use mainly two birth charts which are called Lagna & Nawansaka. Apart from these two charts, there have other four birth charts which help to more accurate readings. All of six charts are called as Six Divisional Charts or Shad Varga. Astrologers use nine planets and their motions in zodiac signs & asters for verifying our future. Normally one person has own one Lagna and one Nawansaka. Therefore we can determine 12 kinds of basic characteristics run on people in society according to astrology. Lagna is the main Zodiac Sign called as Ascendent & Nawansaka is used to determine the angle of planets in houses, determine aster power and verify links between planet's power & aster’s powers. However important chart is Lagna Chart. Also, it is called as our main Horoscope. In Sinhalese, main horoscope is identified as Kendaraya as social astrology used in Sri Lanka. The following picture is a sample Sri Lankan birth chart or horoscope. Also, this is mention as a natal chart.

Lagna (also related to the other five charts) are again divided into 12 areas as below picture. These 12 places are called as Bhava Places or Houses. All houses have their area about our life & effects to our body parts. Also, all bhava places have zodiac signs which are started from Lagna. Houses are counting as anti-clockwise such as below. So planets are situated in these bhava places.

Also, planets can influence from their housing place to other places such as Sun sits in 1st house in sample horoscope but can influences to 7th house too. So this is called as Graha Dushti means Planetary Showings or Planetary Aspects. Normally we need to understand it as the sun sits in the 7th house. Only the main seven planets have enough power for influences on other houses, so other minor planet's showings are no need to care too much when does birth chart readings. Normally major planets can aspect to 7th house from their original house. It is the most strong aspect. Different astrological sects have different methods for calculating aspects. Comets called as Duma Ketu and mathematical points in space called as Upahgraha or Sub Planets also play some role in eastern astrology. You can understand some planets have moons and in the universe, there have the infinitive number of planets, stars & galaxies. From upahgrahas, these kinds of objects are taken into consideration by ancient sages who formulated astrology.

Planetary Combinations or Graha Yogas mean how one particular planet stays on a birth chart with other planets or with 12 bhava places. And what kind of planetary showings they had got. Planets are not staying steady way in our birth chart. They transit from one sign to another in a universal chart or sky. So astrologers consider where the planet is in really at this moment. It is like if your birth chart, Mars is in the seventh house, but in the universal birth chart now it is going on the tenth house. This is called as Planetary Transits or Graha Chara. We can know where planets are going at a current or particular time in a universal chart by referring Almanacs of Five Factors or Panchanga Litha. Below picture is one of the samples Sri Lankan Horoscope and there have 12 houses where planets stay as one or with combinations. You can see the eleventh house have such a combination of Sun & Saturn. Here Lagna is Kanya. Because there is Kuja (or Mars) stays in the first house, so this person can be an aggressive one.

Sample Sri Lankan Horoscope

Planets - Functional Benefics And Functional Malefics

As told in the early section, planets rule their zodiac signs while other planets are treating as their friends. But some planets are negative with some zodiac signs. As well as some planets are not either rule, friendly, or even negative. They are called neutral planet to related zodiac signs. However in generally there have rule that each zodiac signs have benefic planets which give positive results, excellent planets which give courage to person, malefic planets which give negative results and then maraka planets which give deadly occurrences and objections to life. Here is a table going on such facts. As some astrological sects, wearing gems related to negative planets helping to give worse conditions. (However, to determine the planet's power, we need to use complex calculations such as aster power, sodasha vargha power, bhava place power, etc...)

Reference: Rv - Ravi, Ch - Sandu, Ku - Kuja, Bu - Budha, Ju - Guru, Si - Sikuru, Sa - Shani

Lagna Benefics Malefics Neutrals Excellent Maraka
Mesha Rv, Ju, Ku Sa, Bu, Si Ch Ju Si, Bu
Vrishabha Sa, Bu, Ku, Rv Ju, Ch Si Sa Si
Mituna Sa, Si Ku, Rv, Ju Ch, Bu Si, Bu Ku
Kataka Ju, Ku Bu, Si Sa, Ch, Rv Ku Sa
Sinha Ku, Rv Bu, Si Ju, Sa, Ch Ku Bu
Kanya Si Ch, Ku, Ju Sa, Rv, Bu Si Ku
Tula Sa, Bu, Si Rv, Ju, Ch Ku Sa Ju, Rv
Vrischika Ch, Ju, Rv Bu, Si Ku, Sa Ch Bu
Dhanu Ku, Rv Si, Sa, Bu Ju, Ch Ku Si, Bu
Makara Si, Bu, Sa Ku, Ju, Ch Rv Si Ku
Kumbha Si, Rv, Ku Ju, Ch Bu, Sa Si Ju, Rv
Meena Ch, Ku Sa, Rv, Si, Bu Ju Ku Si

Also, nine planets have their characteristics of gender, nature, elements & moods as the following table. These facts are sometimes important for some occasions. For example, one can choose a car according to the color of the most powerful planet in his horoscope. If you have malfunction from a particular planet, you can ask help from the related deity.

Planet Sex Nature Element Mood Govern Colors Cabinet Deities Vedic
Ravi Male Hard Fire - Karma Gold King Iswara Shiva
Chandra Female Soft Water -/+ Mind Tawny Queen Paththini Parvati
Kuja Male Hard Fire - Strength Blood-Red Marshal Kataragama Kartikeya
Budha Neutral Soft Earth -/+ Speech Green Prince Gana Ganesha
Sikuru Female Soft Water + Potency Variegated Princess Lakshmi Lakshmi
Guru Male Soft Ether + Knowledge Yellow Minister Saman Saraswati
Shani Neutral Hard Air - Grief Blue/Black Servant Vishnu Vishnu
Rahu Male Hard Air - Travels Purple/Smoky Blue Driver Wibisana Hanuman
Ketu Neutral Hard Earth - Meditation Gray/Brown Sage Natha Brahma
Uranus Male Hard Earth - Industrial Black Technician Wishwakarma Indra
Neptune Female Soft Water - Marine Ocean Blue Sailor Asura Waruna
Pluto Male Hard Fire - Technology Silvery Gray Scientist Yama Yama

Houses in Horoscopes

As well as zodiac signs, each house in the horoscope has its ruling planets. It is called as House Lord or Bhava Adipathi. This concept helps to determine how one house effect to another house. For example, 2nd house of the natal chart belongs to money so its lord is in 4th house means money link with household properties. Cause 4th house in any chart belongs to properties. Only the main seven planets consider as house lords. Also sun & moon owns only one house while other planets own two houses. Here is the chart related to house lords of each zodiac signs:

Lagna Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Mesha 5 4 1 - 8 3 - 6 9 - 12 2 - 7 10 - 11
Vrishabha 4 3 7 - 12 2 - 5 8 - 11 1 - 6 9 - 10
Mituna 3 2 6 - 11 1 - 4 7 - 10 5 - 12 8 - 9
Kataka 2 1 5 - 10 3 - 12 6 - 9 4 - 11 7 - 8
Sinha 1 12 4 - 9 2 - 11 5 - 8 3 - 10 6 - 7
Kanya 12 11 3 - 8 1 - 10 4 - 7 2 - 9 5 - 6
Tula 11 10 2 - 7 9 - 12 3 - 6 1 - 8 4 - 5
Vrischika 10 9 1 - 6 8 - 11 2 - 5 7 - 12 3 - 4
Dhanu 9 8 5 - 12 7 - 10 1 - 4 6 - 11 2 - 3
Makara 8 7 4 - 11 6 - 9 3 - 12 5 - 10 1 - 2
Kumbha 7 6 3 - 10 5 - 8 2 - 11 4 - 9 1 - 12
Meena 6 5 2 - 9 4 - 7 1 - 10 3 - 8 11 - 12

Skills of the Good Astrologer

Astrologer is a great person who knows astrology well via learning & doing experiments with his time. He must be armored with skills to tell more reliable perditions. A lot of times astrologer is not the person who gains knowledge from colleges or universities. It comes from skills inheritance from reincarnations, meeting own mentor (spiritual teacher), self-study, mind powers gained from meditations & own kindness for the world. Astrologer's birth chart has powerful planets combinations related to Mercury, Jupiter, Ketu and Moon link with 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th & 11th houses. Sometimes your guardian angels give your future details via your family astrologer. Gods can link via mind with virtuous people. Therefore good astrologers have good virtue for give better terms to their clients.

Following skills are needed to be accomplished with good astrologers:

  • Having good mathematical mind, analytical mind & logical mind. (Good pass at mathematics in school education.)
  • Reading Theravada Sutra Pitakaya - Esp: Jataka Pali and Thera/Theri Apadana Pali. 
  • Having good knowledge about the world, psychology, and general education. (Good passes at Language, Science, Social Studies and Religion in school education.)
  • Learn modern physics including astronomy and advanced mathametics even as self-studies.
  • Observing Pancha Sila (Five precepts in Buddhism) as very neat & pure way.
  • Separating some time in daily life for listen to relaxation music or other type of silent mediation.
  • Doing yoga or having some basic knowledge about Kundalini Yoga & related Chakras.
  • Separating about one or two days for one person's horoscope & focus mind to it.
  • Reading astrology books & doing researches in everyday.
  • Doing Bodhi Puja (Buddhist rituals) even once a month or in home worshiping triple gems everyday.
  • Living with colorful, successful & happily family life.
  • Virtue astrologer doesn’t criticize another astrologer, he/she respect all astrologers despite level of their knowledge.